Andrew Ooi & Tyler Matheson: a matter of perspective

Andrew Ooi & Tyler Matheson
a matter of perspective

June 28 – August 13, 2022
(main gallery)

Images (left to right): Tyler Matheson, Oblivion 8 (2022) mixed media on canvas, 12 x 10 inches; Andrew Ooi, Scale 3 (2022) ink, paper, cord, 22 x 22 x 2 inches (image credit: Matthew Sze)

Lonsdale Gallery is pleased to present a matter of perspective, featuring Andrew Ooi’s geometric abstract relief sculptures and Tyler Matheson’s dynamic concrete paintings. This exhibition explores questions of identity, transformation, and perception. In the words of English art critic John Berger: “The relation between what we see and what we know is never settled.” Ooi and Matheson’s respective material explorations, combined with their use of mirroring and repetition patterns, invite viewers to open themselves up to new modes of seeing the world, which in turn has the potential of reframing one’s concept of self.

The artists would like to acknowledge the funding support from the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario.


Images (left to right): Ella Morton, Antarctica #1 (2022) lightjet print from altered 4×5 film, 16 x20 inches ; Renée Munn, Echo 2 (2013) gelatin silver prints, beeswax, dry mount tissue, PVA, encaustic-paste varnish (beeswax and Gamsol), oil paint and acrylic, 24 x 36 inches

Ella Morton
Dreams of a Northern Outpost

on view until July 16, 2022
(upper gallery)

Lens based Canadian artist Ella Morton upcoming exhibition Dreams of a Northern Outpost invites viewers to engage with the question: “what are we losing, in terms of our spiritual connection to the land, as the climate rapidly changes?” Presenting a selection of exceptional photographs from the artist’s ongoing series The Dissolving Landscape (2016-21), the exhibition investigates the effects of climate change on the remote landscapes of Canada and Nordic Europe.

Renée Munn

on view until July 16, 2022
(upper gallery)

Australian-born, Toronto-based photographer Renée Munn’s large-scale fragmented portraits offer a provocative and nuanced investigation of selfhood and feminine identity. The artist embraces techniques of multiple-exposure and physical fragmentation to create fresh and visually arresting multi-layered images that critically play with notions of perception. Presenting a selection of pieces from Munn’s iconic series The Looking-Glass Self, her exhibition Reimagine explores the often-conflicting ways that our identities make themselves visible.

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