Allie Gattor: Land of the Bland


Groceries, 2022, pen and coloured pencils on paper, 36 x 24”

by Allie Gattor

February 5th – March 5th, 2022
Mayten’s | Toronto

Opening Reception
Saturday, February 5th | 11 – 6
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LAND OF THE BLAND” is the outcome of two years of developing and exploring humankind’s conduct with its surroundings encountered with lockdown during the current pandemic by self-taught Montreal-based artist Allie Gattor. This exhibition will be her first solo exhibition and first time showing pieces in Toronto.


Calamity, 2021, pen, coloured pencil and marker on paper, 24 x 36”

Although most creatives form and produce ideas in solitude and are isolated from society oftentimes; living in isolation is a mixed blessing, with its downsides and advantages for all of us. Allie’s pieces glanced at these mixed feelings with a sarcastic gaze into domestic scenes. She describes, “a sense of coziness mixed with unease. Comfortable discomfort. A bit of cabin fever. Spaces filled with bright colors, cute pets, and comfy furniture but also somewhat offbeat characters and their odd relationships.”

There is no intent of time or season in Allie’s realms, and the viewer exclusively is hooked with the characters and the narrative to be told. On the few occasions when the scenes occur outdoors, there is a sense of hostility and aggressiveness that translates into getting chased, mooned, or carried off by eagles.


Rug, 2020, pen, coloured pencil and marker on paper, 12 x 9”

From a more extensive point of view, “LAND OF THE BLAND” contains individual pieces that aren’t necessarily connected but take root in Allie’s parallel universe in which characters inhabit a land that is not too different from our own, but maybe a tad more twisted.



165 Niagara St, Toronto, ON M5V 1C6

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