Alexis Bulman: MAKE/SHIFT


Alexis Bulman

Curated by Hannah Keating

Archive of Sensation
A workshop inspired by sensory translation, developed by Aislinn Thomas, featuring an artist talk with Alexis Bulman and Thomas.

Available online and onsite: September 11 to October 24, 2020

378 Aylmer Street
Peterborough, ON

Artspace is pleased to present the first solo exhibition for Alexis Bulman. Bulman’s practice, which includes performance, sculpture, and installation, frequently draws on community and collaboration to explore themes of trust, care, belonging, and access in public space. In MAKE/SHIFT, Bulman uses sheets of drywall and the gallery’s physical architecture to bring attention to the barriers, both physical and ideological, that continue to exist in the contemporary art world.

MAKE/SHIFT features two new bodies of work: Remodel, a series of five drywall sculptures, and Tending To, an installation and video performance. The former invites audiences to imagine the structures and systems that we tend to see as immovable as flexible, while the latter demonstrates the role of tenderness in care. From concept to presentation, both works were developed with accessibility in mind and can be viewed onsite and through an online exhibition: (available Sept. 11).

Alongside the exhibition, we are happy to present a participatory workshop developed by Aislinn Thomas called the Archive of Sensation. The project employs an experimental approach to sensory translation to amass individual responses to Alexis Bulman’s Remodel series. We hope to build an archive of sensation that helps us think and feel through a multiplicity of experiences as well as the possibilities for communicating these experiences. The workshop is available as a recorded Zoom conversation between Bulman, Thomas, and Hannah Keating, with ASL interpretation: (available Sept. 11). We invite you to participate at your convenience and watch the archive grow on the Artspace Instagram account (@artspaceptbo).


Alexis Bulman is a Prince Edward Island-born artist with a studio practice based in Montreal, QC. After acquiring her BFA from NSCAD University in 2013, she began developing an artistic practice as a facilitator, collaborator, and builder of sculptures, installations, performances, and video works. Employing methodologies informed by her diagnosis of double curvature Scoliosis, Bulman translates the patterns of her physical movement and bodily occupation of space into visual form. In 2019-2020, she was in residence at OBORO and Spectrum Productions in Montréal, QC as a contributor to the Interrogating Access series. The work in MAKE/SHIFT was created during this residency, which was also supported by The MAI Alliance and the Canada Council for the Arts.

Aislinn Thomas is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice includes video, performance, sculpture, installation, and text. She culls material from everyday experiences and relationships, creating work that ranges from poignant to absurd (and at times straddles both). Her recent works explore the generative nature of disability while pushing up against conventional access measures. Thomas is a settler of Ashkenazi and British descent and so-called Canadian and American nationality.

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