Alex Fischer: ART SHOW

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 22, 2022. 3—6PM
On Through: January 6, 2023

at NAMARA Projects
Thu—Sat: 12—5PM, and by appointment:

Alex Fischer, Dive, 2022-220811, 72×58 inch matte gicleé mounted to aluminum

Practice here involves a persistent discovery and wielding of new creative tools, strategies, and ideas.
With an aim to reveal the hybrid and fluid nature of things.
This is an exhibition of 16 prints, some drawn on.
This body is mine but I am not my body.
Art is an unlikely extension of nature.
Assistance as a partnership.
Perspectivism reigns.

Alex Fischer, M, 2022-140829, 28×22½ inch matte gicleé mounted to aluminum

About the Artist

Alex Fischer (b 1986) is a visual artist and digital designer working across developing media. Raised in rural Ontario, Canada and based in Toronto, Fischer has developed bodies of work for public and private enterprises; placed major works in cities across the globe, succeeded as an architectural rendering designer, in online and print, as well as a published monograph (W9). Since receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours from York University in 2009, they’ve also been an invited juror, mentor, and speaker, continued their academic, technical, and artistic studies, and have raised several solo exhibitions of personal work. This is Fischer’s first solo exhibition of work in Toronto since 2015, and consists of a curated selection from across several bodies of work and years of practice.

Alex Fischer, Homo Deus, 2022-171224, 87×58 inch matte gicleé mounted to aluminum

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