AIC2022: Sensing Colour

Interested in Colour Research? Join us at AIC2022 Sensing Colour conference June 13–16, 2022.

Photo/copyright (left to right): Joseph Ingoldsby; Anong Beam; Angelica Dass/Edu Leoìn.

Join Us for AIC2022: Sensing Colour

Midterm Meeting of the International Colour Organization (AIC)

When deciding the theme for this year’s conference, we decided that Sensing Colour best spoke to our vision. Sensing Colour offers a great opportunity for participants from diverse disciplines and modes of inquiry to contribute to colour awareness and knowledge in an interdisciplinary and inclusive forum. It highlights how colour offers itself to us, in what ways it approaches and engages us, affects our awareness, and harnesses our attention. In so many diverse ways, and through so many different lenses, colour is being studied as an influential shaper of human experience.

Through all our senses and faculties – through intellectual, cultural and material ways of knowing and feeling – we seek to observe and utilize the remarkable complexity of colour, whether material or immaterial, whether conceptual or practical, sociological or biological, natural or technological.

Sensing Colour presents 3-days of online talks from June 14-16 focussed on colour, by an international array of colour researchers and practitioners. We invite you to register for the full conference, or one day. We also have several adjacent activities planned before and after the conference, which are free and open to the general public.

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Special Lectures

  1. Gathering Colour
    We will have an in-person lecture by M’Chigeeng First Nation artist Anong Migwans Beam at the Art Gallery of Ontario, on Monday June 13, at 7pm.
    Click here for more details and information on registering for Anong Beam talk (free)
  2. Humanae: Celebrating how colourful we are
    Renowned award-winning photographer Angélica Dass will present a special lecture on her Humanae Project: Celebrating how colourful we are. The online lecture, co-presented by the Art Gallery of Ontario, is on Thursday June 16, 1-2pm.
    Click here for more details and information on registering for Angélica Dass talk (free)

Special Workshops

We are holding several in-person and online workshops on June 13, 17 and 18, which are open to the general public as well as AIC2022 participants.

  1. Switch On the Colours of Your Brain – training with Patricia Dudeck
  2. Effets chromatiques d’un lieu urbain Montréalais – mise en œuvre d’une approche empirique
  3. The Shape of Colour
  4. Color Marketing Group® 2024+ ChromaZone® Color Forecasting Workshop
  5. The Colours We Share, by Angélica Dass, co-presented by Art Gallery of Ontario

Click here for full workshop details, including times and registration costs (some are free).

Special Sessions

  1. Panel discussion on Colour in the Lighting Industry
  2. Presentations by authors of Recent books about Colour

Special Exhibition

In affiliation with AIC 2022, 13th Street Gallery has organized an exhibition based on our conference theme.

Sensing Colour Exhibition at 13th Street Gallery in St. Catharines opens on Saturday June 11, 2022 featuring artists Kimberly Danielson, Cynthia Chapman and Kyle Clements.

AIC 2022 is presented by the Colour Research Society of Canada, with partners OCAD University and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

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