A year into The Making Of: An exclusive look behind the scenes of two new international film projects


Photo: Gaddafi and Weifenbach. Courtesy K. Bock

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A year into The Making Of: An exclusive look behind the scenes of two new international film projects


Over the last 12 months, the film blog German Film @ Canada has opened up an exclusive behind-the-scenes window onto two very different film projects in the making: a German-Canadian documentary about the relationship between writing and landscape, looking ahead to Canada as the guest country at the Frankfurt Book Fair, and an international feature film based on the true events surrounding a 1980s German hockey team that dreamt of making it big with the help of a dictator’s money as they became embroiled in a global political crisis.

How do you frame and pitch your idea and convince partners to come onboard? How do you get from treatment to script? What does the collaborative process of filmmaking look like, the interplay between writers, producers, and cinematographers? How do you stay true to your subjects and their worlds? And what impact does a global pandemic have on these creative processes?

Starting in October 2019, the blog has been following Toronto filmmaker Stephanie Weimar (My Brother’s Vows; Equator – Line of Life) on her journey to tell the stories of twelve of Canada’s most innovative voices, exploring their work in relation to the distinct environment it is produced in. The series brings to life the creative process of some of CanLit’s leading authors who take us on an exhilarating journey across a country in the throes of intense soul-searching. The land speaks — but what does it say?

Primitive Entertainment’s four-part documentary Writing the Land is about to premiere on Europe’s ARTE TV this October and is coming to the CBC soon. Stay tuned for launch updates to hear soon-to-be-published new work from Madeleine Thien, Edem Awumey, Esi Edugyan, and “Trickster Returns”, Eden Robinson’s last book in her award-winning Trickster trilogy.

German Film @ Canada has also been following the creation of the feature film The Ice King by Berlin director and editor Konstantin Bock (Capernaum). After the research process was struck by COVID-19, Bock and his writing partner Stefanie Schmitz (Back for Good; The Pilot’s Wife) are successfully moving on to finalizing the script backed by major funding and the go-ahead for their project. The movie is set to portray the absurd rise and painful fall of a small-town German real-estate developer, his involvement in the aggressively masculine world of ice hockey, and his admiration for Muammar al-Gaddafi. German Film @ Canada will continue to follow The Ice King to the Berlinale 2021 and beyond.

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