100 years then and hereafter: Burial of Messages to the Future


Hiba Abdallah with Anonymous Messenger, Messages to the Future #003, 2021, 11 x 17 inches, digital image.

100 years then and hereafter:
Burial of Messages to the Future

August 13, 2021, 6 pm – 7pm
Visual Arts Centre of Clarington

“Dear citizen of 2121,
I am sure this message is the last trace of me that remains. From this final transmission, I want to know if we made it. Against all odds, against the rising tide and the suffocating blanket of carbon dioxide, against habitat destruction and resource depredation, against ignorance and denial… against it all, are we still here?”
– anonymous messenger

Since its opening in March 2021, the exhibition, 100 years then and hereafter, has been collecting messages to the future from numerous participants who left notes of concern, encouragement, and personal accounts. Inspired by Hiba Abdallah’s excavation of Clarington’s historic archives, the project has accumulated an alternative archive created by community members to serve as a future historical record.

On August 13, 2021 a public burial will take place on the grounds of the VAC in a performance led by Hiba Abdallah and Alyssa Bistonath. Messages to the Future will be read, placed in time capsules and buried to be retrieved and opened a century later. Members of the public are invited to this outdoor performance following stage 3 Ontario COVID-19 protocols. Viewers will stand six feet apart or stand within family clusters. Registration for this event is required, click here to register.

The VAC will be extending its gallery hours on August 13. Visitors are welcome to explore the two current exhibitions Fossilized Sunshine and Public Space. Fossilized Sunshine brings together the work of 7 artists who explore the relationship between cultural archeology and decolonial future building. Public Space is a year-long collaborative art project that sees four artists facilitating collaboration-based participatory and community-focused programming for underserved Durham Region groups and non-profit organizations.

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