Yong Fei Guan, Artist – Edmonton

Yong Fei Guan is a Chinese-Canadian artist with a degree in Fine Arts from the Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Her work explores multicultural identity and politics, and their relationship to environmental issues. She has been involved in public and community art projects, including 金猪 Golden Pig, 塑胶狮 Su Jiao Shi 2018, and YEGmidautumn2017. In 2018, she received the Edmonton Artists’ Trust Fund Award. 塑胶 Su Jiao Shi will be on display on Saturday, August 17 from noon to 5pm at the corner of Riverfront Avenue and Second Avenue SE in Calgary in conjunction with the Calgary Chinatown Street Festival and The New Gallery.

  1. Daoism

The idea of Daoism to my understanding is following the flow and finding balance in life. It is a philosophy that I continue to practice and try to redefine through different stages of my life.

  1. The idea of belonging

I am researching Chinese-Canadian identity through a community art project right now. I am interested in the idea of a “home” for Chinese immigrants, and what will bring them belonging and fulfillment in their new home. To me, a home is where I can be with my family.

  1. 书法 Chinese calligraphy

When I was in high school in China, we had calligraphy practice once a week, but I was too impatient to appreciate it. Now after twelve years living in Canada, writing in my first language is a way for me to connect to my Chinese roots.

  1. Stand-up comedy

I love personal stories that are humorous. Trevor Noah and Ali Wong are my favorite stand-up comedians. Standing on the stage and telling jokes is on my wish list of things I want to do.

  1. Walking

I loving to walk with my husband in the woods. It is a great way to reconnect with nature after a long day of work. The smell of the fresh air declutters my mind a lot.