Wally Dion, Artist – Binghamton, NY

Wally Dion is a visual artist living and working in Binghamton, New York. A member of Yellow Quill First Nation (Salteaux), Dion was born in Saskatoon. He holds a BFA from the University of Saskatchewan and an MFA from Rhode Island School of Design. Throughout much of his career, his work has contributed to a broad conversation in the art world about identity and power, and can be interpreted as part of a much larger pan-American struggle by Indigenous peoples to be recognized culturally, economically, and politically, by settler societies. His solo exhibition skodenstoodis is on display in the College Art Galleries at the University of Saskatchewan until August 26.

  1. Vietnamese food

I love Vietnamese food. It wasn’t until I left Saskatoon that I fully understood how newcomers impact local cuisine. This is a phenomenon that is felt differently across the world. Certain countries welcome certain newcomers during times of war/conflict.

  1. Shared books

My circle of friends and I share in common a number of spiritual books or literature. When I visit them and flip through their “text books,” it is a wonderful experience, seeing what pages are dog tagged or paragraphs highlighted.

  1. Studio safety

Over the years, working with toxic materials, I have become more serious about studio safety.

  1. Dust collection

In my studio, I have endeavored to control dust and keep the air clean. I have several stages to each dust collection system. Cyclone dust separators are highly effective and they always have HEPA filters at the final stage.

  1. Crystals 

Inspired by Mickalene Thomas’ figurative works, I have ventured into crystals.