Sangmin Lee, Artist – Toronto

Sangmin Lee is a mixed-media artist who has shown nationally and internationally, including Toronto, Montreal, Osaka (Japan), Jeongseong (Korea), and Paris (France). He is a member of the Red Head Gallery Collective and an incoming MFA Sculpture Candidate at Columbia University. His solo exhibition How to Unfold a Home is currently on display at the ODD Gallery in Dawson. He will give an online artist talk on September 7 at 5:30pm MST.

  1. Korean art history

For inspiration, I sometimes haphazardly sift through books and Google image searches on Korean art history.

  1. Long walks with my partner

I take long walks around the city and through parks. Here, I have longform conversations with my partner on everything and anything. It also offers me the opportunity to observe the unresolved shapes in construction sites, parks, the exteriors/interiors of restaurants and houses, and the lives that inhabit it all.

  1. House plants

During the lockdown, I sought the calmness in nature. Like many, I purchased an almost regretful amount of house plants, learned to propagate them, and nurtured their growth or at the least tried to keep them alive. As I did this, I found a satisfaction in nurturing, but also a twisted human desire to control nature.

  1. Anime/manga

Jampacked with larger-than-life characters across an expansive range of genres and worlds, anime/manga is my go-to entertainment media. Most recent reads and watches are The Promised Neverland and Hunter x Hunter.

  1. Basketball

My favorite exercise and a great way to meet people that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. But also ball is life.