Kelsie Grazier, Artist – Vancouver

With an emphasis on gestural brushstrokes and fine lines, Kelsie Grazier paints to communicate the complexities of Deaf identity and cultural histories. She studied painting at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She obtained her Masters in Deaf Education at the University of British Columbia and focused her research on global perceptions of Deaf identity. It was during this time that Grazier, born with a mild hearing loss, suddenly became deaf. Her art practice explores her process uncovering her connection to a linguistic minority culture. Currently, she is developing her research praxis in a month-long Remote Research Residency with Access Gallery and Arts Assembly.

  1. New hearing aid

I got a new hearing aid. All my life my hearing (or lack of) has been defined by the limitations of technology. It is always exciting to get a new hearing aid to see what kind of possibility it holds, especially one with Bluetooth! When I was a little girl, I chose earmolds with colour and sparkles, but as an adult the options are limited. The closest colour to Gold is called Sand Beige. How bland! My deafness is something to celebrate, so I decided to beautify my new hearing aid with some wildflowers.

  1. My son and the hammock.

With the heat of summer, I have been loving rocking and watching the sun set over the river as my son falls asleep in my arms. It is a calming way to end the day for both of us. I found out I was pregnant just before the pandemic and the changes that come with the world shutting down have brought on many obstacles, but also good moments too. So, carving out this time to be still with him really fills up my cup.

  1. Open Your Eyes

I am reading essays from Deaf scholars in the book Open Your Eyes for my Remote Research Residency. By reading research from Deaf people, I can understand more of my heritage and my culture that I did not learn about growing up hard of hearing. Since losing my hearing and becoming Deaf as an adult, I am catching up on lost time as I learn more about and become immersed in Deaf Culture.

  1. Roll top desk

With the pandemic lockdown and a new baby, I was away from my studio for a while. Space is limited on our float home, so I was thrilled when I recently found this thrifted roll top desk. It holds so many things that make me happy: handmade mugs with tea (SJK Objects), ruling pens, mylar and paint on a glass top, and a nice smelling candle. Best of all, I can close the top when I am done and the cat can’t jump on my work.

  1. The Artist’s Way

Since the beginning of this year, I have been working through The Artist’s Way with three other artists. We meet weekly over a video call and check in on how our progress is with the Morning Pages and Artist Dates. The timing could not be better to reconnect with my inner artist and others, and find things that bring me giddy joy. One of those things is using my Canon DSLR camera to document the shift in the waters during our nightly sunsets.