Kasia Sosnowski, Artist – Lethbridge

Kasia Sosnowski is originally from Calgary. She moved to Lethbridge in 2007. She graduated with honours from the University of Lethbridge with a Bachelor of Fine Arts: Art History & Museum Studies, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts: Art Studio in 2014. She moved to Banff in 2014 where she worked at The Banff Centre as a Preparatorial Practicum at the Walter Phillips Gallery. After completing her year contract, she participated in the Banff Centre’s Late Fall BAiR program where she began exploring ceramics. She recently completed a two-month residency at Medalta in the Historic Clay District in Medicine Hat. Her exhibition SNEEK-E-PEEP’N is on display in the Project Space at the Esker Foundation until January 31.

  1. Lethbridge Public Library and small rituals

I spend my lunch breaks walking to the Lethbridge Public Library. It’s small, but it has a great selection.  While I’m walking, I’ll call my 93-year-old Babcia (grandmother) and we’ll talk about all sorts of things: memories, family, food, weather. It’s become our little ritual.

  1. Puzzles

I spent February and March at Medalta in Medicine Hat where I stayed in the artist lodge with other artists. The wifi was so terrible that we started doing puzzles on the kitchen table. We spent hours bent over puzzles and chatting. I miss the company, but I love the solo puzz buzz.

  1. My inherited coffee plant

Last month I inherited a four and a half-foot-tall coffee plant from a dear friend of mine. It was her mother Bożena’s. It sits in my front room basking in the sunlight and it’s currently growing two very deep red berries. I love taking care of it, fussing over it, and talking with it. It makes me feel close to my friend and her mum.

  1. Stardew Valley – *StarBRU Valley*

Stardew Valley is such a cute game! You spend your time growing crops and exploring. Recently I’ve been playing online with my best friends in our own online utopia. It’s often what gets me through the week.

  1. Snow walks

I love the winter. The cold air feels nourishing and clean. I take every chance I can to bundle up and trudge through the snow.