Justin Ming Yong, Artist – Toronto

Justin Ming Yong’s quilt-making practice explores unconventional, modern approaches in an otherwise classically folk-art medium. He examines the relationships between bold colour theory, dissymmetrical shapes, and mixed fibres to disrupt expectations and create pieces that are layered and multi-dimensional. However, despite his devotion to the contemporary, he is far from dismissive of tradition, often incorporating and reflecting on heritage and legacy in his work. Yong considers his own ancestry through themes of forgotten landscapes, cherished foods, and exploited histories by practising a family tradition of quilt making. He currently has work showing in On a Table, Over Time at The Plumb in Toronto until April 9, and in his solo exhibition To Fill a Field at The National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky until August 8.

  1. Brand new Sharpies

There’s nothing like having that fresh sharp tip. I go through waves of buying new packs, always using them for too long, and finally caving and getting another box. I’m on a fresh box right now.

  1. Kesi

The technique and process of these silk tapestry pieces is incredible, especially while working with such a delicate medium. Also, the way that they have aged is a beautiful part of the process.

  1. Trail riding

This has been an important activity to clear my mind and get me out of the studio. Finding these green spaces hidden in the city has brought me to a new place mentally and physically.

  1. White t-shirts

Whether they’re ten years old or brand new, these will always be a heavy interest of mine as summer approaches. A staple.

  1. Brian Eno: Ambient 1-4

A truly brilliant human and master at his craft. These four albums, along with the other ambient works, create the perfect atmosphere for me while working in the studio. And the cover art is top tier.