Holly Fay, Artist – Regina

Holly Fay received a MFA from the University of Ulster in Belfast, Northern Ireland and a BFA at the University of Regina. Her art practice encompasses painting, drawing, and installation, with projects examining the anthropocentric representation of nature in the western tradition of landscape, phenomenology, ideas of place, ecology, and natural systems. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, has received several Saskatchewan Arts Board Independent artist grants, and is represented in public collections including the Mackenzie Art Gallery, The Dunlop Art Gallery, the City of Regina, and the Saskatchewan Arts Board.  Her solo exhibition Concurrent Views is on display at Harcourt House Artist Run Centre until June 8.

1. Sky

The endless colours, cloud formations, celestial bodies, lights and deep darks continually pull my attention skyward.

2. My urban garden

My urban garden is un-manicured and far from perfect, but it is a contented place. I plant seeds, then food and flowers grow. I am enthralled by this cycle of quiet spectacle.

3. Rime ice

The usually very dry prairie winter saw numerous days with dense fog and rime ice this past winter. The fascinating patterns of ice grew out from previously bare tree branches, covering the city and land – including power lines, causing a province-wide blackout at one point. The building I work in was one of the few places that had power. Friends came to charge their phones.

4. MCM vintage

I enjoy and collect the quirkily delightful, the exquisitely functional, and charmingly colorful objects of Mid-Century Modern. It is a functioning collection as many objects are in use daily.

5. Podcasts

Good stories, informative topics, all intimately unfolded directly into my ears, on demand, as I work in the studio or while walking – yes, please! Favorites for studio listening: Art & Ideas, The Modern Art Notes Podcast, and Hyperallergic Art Movements. Other general favorites include: Under the Influence, Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History, and Broken Record.