Hea R. Kim, Artist – Montreal


Hea R. Kim explores overlapping technical art processes in sculpture and fiber-art. Her formal education in her home country (South Korea) and her in-depth studies in material processes and contemporary art in Montreal have lead her to challenge the philosophical limits of what craft and art are, as well as what they can encompass in the future. Visually inspired by her Korean heritage, her explorations share elements of childhood recollections and imagination. Her desire is to visualize the innocent period when days are filled with infinite possibility, indulgence, and mystery. In this vein, her work tends to reveal elusive imagery that gradually disappears from the lives of mature adults. She creates a dreamscape where familiar and alien forms co-exist in our hidden emotions. She creates bizarrely sophisticated works through the arduous and repetitive process of making, layering, and arranging various elements within ceramics and fibers.

Kim has exhibited her works across Canada and South Korea. Her current solo exhibition Indecisive Valley will continue until April 23 at Eastern Edge Gallery. Her upcoming online artist talk will be at 2:30 pm (Newfoundland hours) on April 16.

  1. Food presentation pictures

Hea R. Kim, Indecisive Valley (photo: m + e photography)

I am interested in something that looks appetizing. My artmaking process is like food presentation. Layering, arranging, re-arranging, and glazing. It is all about the overlay of different surface treatments.

  1. Silly Symphonies

This adorable vintage Disney animation series impresses me more than their high-tech modern counterparts. There is almost no dialogue, but they are full of repetitive movements and dances. I thoroughly enjoy watching the beautiful and meticulous hand-drawn images and listening to mixed scores (from classic to jazz). I could endlessly create my own narratives over and over. My favorite one is Water Babies.

  1. Absent-minded strolls

I let my mind wander while walking. It boosts my creativity and helps me solve problems more effectively.

  1. Ancient Buddhist temples

BongEunsa, Seoul, South Korea

I spent my childhood and adolescence in a beautifully saturated and somewhat whimsical country (South Korea) where ancient and modern co-exist as contemporaneous aesthetics. I am especially fascinated with ritual sites, their theoretical value, and their sense of sacredness. These sacred places were my playground and meeting site. I used to build things out of sand or small twigs in these places, which helped me to understand my surroundings.

  1. True crimes documentaries

A simple way to explore a dark world from the comfort and safety of my own home. I am drawn to behavior analysis in criminal profiles.