Gabriela García-Luna, Artist – Saskatoon

Gabriela García-Luna is a photo-based multimedia artist born in Mexico City and based in Treaty Six Territory (Saskatoon). She uses a combination of mediums to blur the limits between photography, digital work, printmaking, drawing, and installation in the creation of hybrid ecologies inspired by the fragility, beauty, and resilience observed in the natural world. Her work has been shown in multiple solo and group exhibitions in Mexico, Canada, the UK, and India. She holds an MFA in Studio Arts from the University of Saskatchewan and a BDes from the Autonomous Metropolitan University in Mexico City. Her work is represented by Slate Fine Art Gallery in Regina, and her solo exhibition Flor y Canto (Flower and Song) is now on display at the Art Gallery of Swift Current until June 7.

  1. The image

I am interested in what images are and their relation to the way we construct our sense of reality – a point of view that could be questioned in a move towards a more expansive, deeper, and inclusive one. My particular interest in the photographic image is the paradoxical and contradictory nature with which it draws a fine line between fact and fiction, memory and imagination.

  1. The architecture of nature

I’m fascinated by the architecture of nature and its intricate patterns and geometries in continuous change. I never tire of encountering this in the botanical world. These “drawings of nature” seem to follow a multidimensional invisible system that is the result of complex and unlimited mathematical equations.

  1. Systems

I am often obsessed with finding out the most efficient set of steps to complete a task in an efficient and repetitive way. I apply this obsession to my work and personal life. The finding of such systems may take longer than the task itself!

  1. Flowers

I am obsessed with flowers and the way they make me feel. Everything about flowers interests me: their forms, colours, and scents, their geometry and diversity, their becoming, and their ephemerality. Flowers are the best gift because they are attuned to our hearts. They carry the whole message of beauty in a single word, speaking of the generosity and playfulness of nature and life.

  1. CrossFit

I found out that CrossFit existed only a year ago. Now it’s an activity to which I dedicate several hours every week. This sport is designed in a way that I can feel motivated to challenge my body and my mind in finding and expanding my own limits. It also engages in the context of a supportive community.