Alyssa Ellis, Artist – Calgary

Alyssa Ellis is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist currently located in Mohkínstsis (Calgary, Alberta). Her work with plants reveals social ills and how their exploitation creates significant impacts on climate change. She holds a diploma in horticulture from the University of Guelph and a BFA from the Alberta University of the Arts, and has participated in festivals, exhibitions, and residencies across the country. Her work can be viewed in the group exhibition We Are All Electric Beings, which is on display at the Art Gallery of Regina until January 8.

  1. Monotropa uniflora

I’m always on the hunt for this seemingly ethereal plant, whether out in nature or combing through the archives of a herbarium. Officially known as Monotropa uniflora and affectionately called Ghost Plants by me, this non-photosynthetic, parasitic, single-stemmed flower haunts both my dreams and the forest floor.

  1. Plant horror library

I’m constantly growing my plant horror library with vintage sci-fi and horror books collected from all over the world. Between strangling vines and flesh-eating flowers, I’m always looking for my next green literary monster.

  1. Plant rescuing 

If it can be saved, it has probably made its way into my greenhouse. Houseplants that fall under hard times are usually tossed before they are given a chance to recover from their current ailment. I enjoy collecting and rehabilitating plants that are considered past their time before adopting them out to new homes. My newest rescues are a set of dancing bone cacti.

  1. Plant-themed clothing

It’s hard to find me wearing an outfit without a plant. From flowers to leaves and mushrooms to trees, I’m always trying to blend into my surroundings. It’s now at a point that my closet looks more like a garden centre than it does a functioning wardrobe.

  1. My cats: Toto and Tatu 

They might live in a jungle, but they couldn’t be any further away from being wild cats as they spend their days lounging in the lap of luxury.