Audie Murray, Artist – Victoria

Audie Murray is a visual artist who works with beadwork, quillwork, textiles, repurposed objects, drawing, performance, and video. She holds a visual arts diploma from Camosun College (2016) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Regina (2017). Her art practice is process oriented, and explores themes of contemporary culture and how this relates to experiences of duality and connectivity. Drawing on time honoured techniques and contemporary concepts to inform her material choices, she often uses found objects from daily life and transforms them. Her solo exhibition As Old As The Hills is on display at Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art in Kelowna, BC until September 12.

  1. Astrological YouTube videos

Most of my “making” takes a lot of time and is repetitive. My go-to activities during this time are music, phone calls, podcasts, media, and YouTube videos. I watch astrological predictions and general card readings for my horoscope. I think it’s really interesting and sometimes pretty helpful. My favorite channel is Stargirl the Practical Witch. I’m a Gemini Sun, if anyone is curious.

  1. Tea parties

Nothing beats a good cup of tea, except maybe sharing that tea with some friends. I love tea. My favourite is Red Rose with cashew milk or a nice herbal blend from my garden. I’m so interested in the history of teas and bone china, and all of the layers that go into tea time. Tea parties are fun. I like their aesthetic and even Norval Morrisseau hosted some.

  1. Small town museums and stores 

There’s so much inspiration in small town museums, thrift stores, corner stores, and gas stations. Everything from the objects to how things are organized to how these spaces sometimes feel like time capsules to how the weight of importance for objects always seems to shift in these places. I don’t mean to romanticize small town stores; they usually make me sneeze, but I still love them. This photo is taken at the Museum in Lebret, Saskatchewan.

  1. Budweiser in everyday life

Here’s a low-quality photo of my cat, ōhōsis, next to a plastic Budweiser cup. Cheap beer is no longer my drink of choice, but the culture surrounding Budweiser is fascinating to me. There’s endless amounts of Bud merchandise and it always seems to be around. Ōho’s face pretty much sums up what I am trying to say.

  1. Talismans

I was shocked to find a big Cheezie in my vending machine snack while waiting on the ferry to get to the SSNAP opening last October. I ate the Cheezie and made a wish, and later that night I won an award. Now I am convinced that big Cheezies are good luck symbols. I am also interested in the idea of a talisman to be a form of protection and power, but that is usually implemented in my life by wearing beaded jewelry.