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Original art videos, curated by Akimbo, spotlighting works that are innovative in content, stories, styles and formats.    watch >>



PROGRAMS: Views, Review, InstaView
Informative and engaging commentary on contemporary art and the ideas behind it.    watch >>



A behind-the-scenes look at artists, curators, critics, educators, gallerists, collectors and other art professionals in these interview-based videos.    watch >>



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Akimbo presents specially selected projects by artists who use video, 3D rendering, GIFs, video games, animation, film remix and webcam in their works.     watch >>




AkimboTV is an online and mobile video arts channel with a focus on creating new models to produce, find and deliver innovative and relevant contemporary art video. Original, entertaining and educational, AkimboTV strives to deliver an online activity linked to social networking where viewers can be participants in video culture and become part of a collective experience.

Kim Fullerton

Producer: AkimboTV. Kim is the founder and CEO of Akimbo. She has worked in the Canadian visual art sector since 1983 as an artist, curator, writer, administrator, publicist, art consultant and entrepreneur. She has been employed by numerous galleries and organized exhibitions as an independent curator, written for a range of publications, and lectured internationally on art and photography. She gives frequent talks and workshops on self-promotion and media relations to schools, galleries and organizations and is committed to mentorship of young art entrepreneurs and cultural producers. Portrait by Sue Lloyd.

Terence Dick

Host and Co-Director of Views and Review. Terence is an art critic, a cultural commentator, and the editor of Akimblog and Hit List at Akimbo.ca. He has been published in numerous visual art magazines and had essays included in exhibition catalogues by Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby, and Stan Douglas, among others. He has also organized public programmes for The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, given lectures at the University of Toronto and OCADU, and played music with a wide range of collaborators including Gord Downie, the Sun Ra Arkestra, and the Woodchoppers Association.

Lulu Wei

Co-Director and Videographer for Views. Lulu Wei is a filmmaker based in Toronto. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Documentary Media from Ryerson University. Her short films have screened at various film festivals such as Images Festival, Melbourne Queer Film Festival and Inside Out Festival.  She is currently working as a content director at an ad agency, directing, shooting and producing commercials.

Cecilio Escobar

Editor for Views. Cecilio Escobar is a video artist and editor whose current project, LatinX, explores identity and Latin culture among queer, transgender, and non-binary Latinx Torontonians.

Daniel Goodbaum

Videographer and Co-Director for Review. Daniel is a Toronto-based video artist and performer. His work has been mentioned in the New York Times, Slate.com, and Eater.com. His award-winning fashion videos, produced independently and for the Globe & Mail, draw from his study of avant-garde film aesthetics. Daniel performs regularly as part of the art comedy collective Doored, and has performed at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Laura Dawe

Host of Artland, Season 2. Laura Dawe is a painter, filmmaker and writer. She attended the Canadian Film Centre's Directors Lab in 2011 and is currently an MFA candidate at OCADU. Her favourite food is tomatoes.

Jessica Hayes & Chris Altorf

Videographers for Artland. Working together under the name istoica, Jessica Hayes and Chris Altorf work as photographers and filmmakers in art and fashion around the world. Technically curious and stylistically inventive, with a passion for telling stories visually, they co-created "Late Night in the Bedroom" a monthly live-to-tape talk show featuring artists for Toronto’s Whippersnapper Gallery in 2010. Their talent for experimental and haptic filmmaking has led them to direct music videos and the film LOVE YA that screened at Hot Docs, Toronto in 2014.

Geoffrey Shea

Co-Director and Co-Producer of Artland Season 1. Geoffrey is a video artist whose work incorporates interactive programming, site-specific installation, live performance, a philosophical twist and a critical voice. He is the Director of the Mobile Experience Lab at OCAD University which is partnering with Akimbo in the research and development of social video content and technology.

Joschi Shea

Co-Director of Artland Season 1. Joschi is an emerging filmmaker interested in the intersection of documentary and reality genres. His own films focus on personal stories to create intimate portraits of people close to him. He has a special interest in accessibility and closed captioning.

Andrea Carson Barker

Host of Artland, Season 1. Andrea is an expert in contemporary art and architecture and from 2005 - 2015 the founder & publisher of one of Canada’s most widely read culture blogs, VoCA. In 2012, Andrea was founding curator of the daily online art auction Artbomb. As an art critic, she writes for publications including Artsy.net, Azure, ARTnews, Art Review, DesignLines, Flare, the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Quill & Quire and Toronto Life.

Perry Voulgaris

Business Development: AkimboTV. A visionary and entrepreneurial leader, who thinks big, Perry values team work and has a desire to make a difference in the world. He has over 25 years in media, arts and entertainment, 20 years in digital, 15 years executive management: leading teams in the delivery of successful media, arts and entertainment properties, increasing audience reach and new revenue channels.



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Kim Fullerton
CEO, Akimbo
Executive Producer, AkimboTV