Sur Gallery presents Positionality: Latin American and Latinx Art in Canada

21-25 April, 2022
Hosted on Zoom and at Sur Gallery


The symposium seeks to address the systemic barriers faced by the Latin American and Latinx community in Canada and will identify common grounds from where to begin an analysis with the intention to develop strategies of resistance, build networks of solidarity and exchange, improve the livelihood of art practitioners, and grant opportunities for an underrepresented community.

The symposium will be a 4-day gathering of a range of voices concerned with Latin American and Latinx art in Canada. Our intention is to build community, valuable contacts, and long-lasting networks. During the symposium we will offer opportunities to engage with artists and scholars during various events, expand perspectives, and develop frameworks for the study of Latin American and Latinx art in Canada.

All events will be free and open to the public.

Day 1: The Power of Advocacy and Collectivity – April 21st

Panel, noon – 1:30 pm ET on Zoom – register here
Chair: Salvador Alanis
Presenters: Cecilia Araneda, Ana Barajas, Nicole Cartier Barrera, and Paola GĂłmez
This panel will present the point of view of the actors and promoters that seek to establish a space of representation, for dialogue, and openness for contemporary and community based artistic creation and practice.

Film Screening, April 21-25, 2022
Becoming Cyborg is an experimental autobiographical video by Diana Martinez Muñoz that narrates the process of a person who, through a surgical intervention, decides to become a cyborg to face a hearing disability that she has been hiding for 24 years.

Muñoz’s video will be available to stream through Sur Galley’s virtual website.

Keynote Opening Speaker
Kency Cornejo, 7pm-8pm ET on Zoom – register here

Against a War on Mobility: Central American Art on Migration & Diaspora
Dr. Cornejo analyzes artistic practices that produce counter-cartographies, alternate modes of storytelling, and gestures of resistance against coloniality and empires’ war on mobility.

Co-presented with the Latin American Speaker Series

Day 2: Critical Subjectivities: Questioning Mestizaje – April 22nd

Panel, noon – 1:30 pm ET on Zoom – register here
Chair: Nuria Carton de Grammont
Presenters: Rodrigo D’Alcântara, Carlos Colín, Migueltzinta Solís, Esteban Pérez.
From mestizaje as an epistemic axis of border thinking, as defined by Chicana queer thinker Gloria E. AnzaldĂşa, the objective of this panel is to discuss diverse Latin-Canadian artistic practices that question heteronormativity, power relations and colonialism.

Artist Talk, 3 – 4 pm ET on Zoom – register here
Chair: Noor Alé
Presenters: Luis Cisneros, Faune Ybarra, and Sebastián Oreamuno
In-between Identities explores the ways in which race, gender, class and immigration status, determine how and why the artists share their work. They provide social, political, and a cultural context as they position themselves as Latinx diaspora living in Canada.

Student Networking Event, 7-9 pm ET, in-person event at Sur Gallery
Register here
Join us on April 22nd for a networking opportunity! There will be guest speakers from across the arts and cultural sector for you to network with, along with the opportunity to get a free professional headshot.

Day 3: Intersectional Queer and Feminist Identities – April 23rd

Panel, noon – 1:30 pm ET on Zoom – register here
Chair: Diogo Rodrigues de Barros
Presenters: Nicholas Dawson, Liliana Gonzalez-Jarquin, Francisco-Fernando Granados and Camila Salcedo
This panel will articulate and highlight common interests and struggles that both unite and diversify. The spectrum of artists found within the presentations generate and offer spaces of intersectional thinking and practice.

Book Launch, 3pm-4:30pm ET, in-person event at Sur Gallery
Register here
Join us for a book launch of Latin America Made in Canada. Co-editors Alena Robin and MarĂ­a del Carmen Suescun Pozas will be present to sign and share excerpts from the book.
Published by Editorial Lugar ComĂşn

Day 4: Decolonizing Practices – April 25th

Panel, noon – 1:30pm ET on Zoom – register here
Chair: Tamara Toledo
Presenters: Rodrigo Barreda, Armando Perla, and Luz Sierra
The counter-narratives presented by the panelists, challenge structures of power and build community through ideas and practice, offering different worldviews: decolonizing institutions, museums, and systems; designing activist strategies of defiance; and sharing the power of art as a medium to communicate resistance and communal activism.

Hemispheric Enctounters, 3pm-4:30pm ET on Zoom – register here
Presenters: Coman Poon, Olga Barrios and Edgardo Moreno (Triangle Collective); SĂ©rgio Andrade (LabCrĂ­tica/ UFRJ); Lidia Larangeira, Ruth Torralba, and Elaine Vieitas da Cruz (onucleo/ UFRJ); Yara Costa (Manaus); TaĂ­s Almeida and Pablo Carvalho (Projetos Cavalcanti); and Diana Taylor and Guilherme Meyer (Zip Code Memory Project)
Moderators: Selena Couture (University of Alberta) and Laura Levin (York University)
Spatial Ecologies: Artistic responses to the pandemic across the Americas, is a “shared residency” based on the Hemispheric Encounters project: Spatial Ecologies. Artistic responses to the pandemic will be discussed, with a focus on ecologies of community care within marginalized communities and the cultivation of creative strategies for Indigenous protection of lands and dialogue beyond geopolitical borders.

Co-presented with Hemispheric Encounters

Keynote Closing Speaker
Nelson Maldonado Torres, 7pm-8pm ET on Zoom – register here

Beyond Critique: Decolonial Thought/Combative Acts
Maldonado Torres’s presentation will focus on the Frantz Fanon Foundation’s call for a combative decoloniality.

Co-presented with the Latin American Speaker Series and The Power Plant.

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