Story Medicine short films from the Minwaajimo Collective online on VUCAVU


Still from Jane & the Wolf, Nadine Arpin and Rachel Garrick, 2016

The Minwaajimo Collective presents

Story Medicine:
Short Film and Video from Northwestern Ontario

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Available from October 27, 2021 – November 3, 2021

The art of storytelling is universal and ancient. Telling stories is a form of medicine which brings with it teachings and humour from generation to generation. For the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island, stories are a direct connection to our ancestors while providing a map for our path forward.

Story Medicine is a distinctive collection of short, experimental and hybrid films showcasing work produced by Indigenous creatives living and working both in rural and urban Northern and Northwestern Ontario. The Anishinabe and Michif artists represented in this collection have brought an Indigenous sensibility to the work reflective of the enduring core values of Indigenous philosophy. The characters in these stories are not just the human beings, but all our relations, including the animals, wind, water and land.

It is our great hope that you will enjoy this collection.

Miigwech, kishchi maarsii.

Jane & the Wolf – Rachel Garrick and Nadine Arpin, 2016, (09:41)
Level Me Out – Vov Abraxas (Brian Aysansbee), 2010, (02:49)
Portrait of a Zamboni Driver – Nadine Arpin, 2018, (10:03)
Ashiye Neikeeyon – Phoebe Sutherland and Nadine Arpin, 2014, (07:13)
Tied – Nikki McNear and Keaton Mason (Jakean), 2021, (02:42)
Hate Hurts – Jason Hunter, 2013, (01:42)
Ophanim – Jason Gladu, 2013, (05:43)
God’s Park – Martin King, 2018, (06:12)
The Gift – Rachel Garrick, 2021, (04:00)

This screening is supported by the Media Arts Network of Ontario