SAW Video’s “stay-at-home-web-residents” Diffusion


SAW Video’s “stay-at-home-web-residents” Diffusion

Thursday, May 28, 2020 at 7PM
FB, IG, TW @sawvideo

SAW Video’s Knot Project Space is thrilled to present the “stay-at-home-web-residents” works on our online channels. Join us for a one time diffusion of works by Calla Durose-Moya, Jay Havens, Erin Gee and Jen Kutler on Thursday, May 28. Diffusions start at 7pm, don’t be late! Tune in on

Calla Durose-Moya
“my friend, the don valley” investigates Durose-Moya’s relationship with the Don Valley as a site of Symbiotic Culture Of Being and Yearning (SCOBY). Together, the Don and Durose-Moya explore queer possibilities of co-parenting through transforming shared natural, urban, and industrial environments via Zoom.

Jay Havens
During isolation Havens has been experimenting with new digital mediums through an examination of Indigenous Resurgence after the flashpoint of the 2020 Wet’suwet’an crisis. The works reflect on being witness to continuing colonial violence through the lens of social media and the window of digital devices.

Erin Gee and Jen Kutler
Gee and Kutler use verbal suggestion, biosensors and transcutaneous electrical pulses as technologies that allow for touch at a networked distance. Instrumentalizing their bodies, the artists trigger one another through a sonic/haptic/physical feedback loop to create harmonic structures of affective telematics and togetherness via audio and video.