Safe Keeping: Vtape and the artists whose works live in our care


Red Buffalo Skydive, Jude Norris, 2000

Vtape and Images Festival co-present

Vtape and the artists whose works live in our care

Curated by Kiera Boult and Dustin Lawrence

Now moves to the Vtape website May 27-June 9, 2021

In order to examine the vast repository of titles held by Vtape with “new eyes,” we asked the newest permanent staff members – Kiera Boult (Submissions, Collections & Outreach Coordinator) and Dustin Lawrence (Technical and Distribution Coordinator) – to look for works that had been out of the light for awhile, the “hidden gems,” we called them. Together, they enthusiastically took on this challenge. And together they have developed a beautifully articulated idea: artists have a huge amount of TRUST in Vtape: to look after their work, to hold their work, to preserve their work, and to celebrate them and their work.

They write: “In life, trust is a large umbrella. When we considered the collection of work we hold at Vtape, it’s easy to see the trust first-hand in the presence and preservation of so many different formats – from open-reel to VHS to Betacam to USB keys. However, that is just the surface. It’s the videos – the artworks – that embody that trust in us, as each waits, patiently, to be watched again. It’s far more than having faith or believing, it is knowledge, an understanding that we will do everything in our power to let the voice of each artwork be heard, that patience will be rewarded, and that trust will be returned.

“The curating of this exhibition is a discussion about trust, its inheritance, its experience, and its stewardship. Your work has guided us through complicated experiences when trust is pressured into faith. We look to your work for a lesson: how to inherit the responsibility to sustain your trust.

– Kiera Boult and Dustin Lawrence

These individual titles come together as an exhibition (rather than as a program in the Festival). Each work will be able to be played separately, not as part of a program. The exhibition was hosted on the Images website throughout the festival dates, May 20-26, 2021. Now the exhibition is available on both the Images Festival and the Vtape websites, May 27-June 9, 2021.

Vtape and the artists whose works live in our care

Jude Norris, Red Buffalo Skydive, 2000, 03:30 minutes, colour, English
Shu Lea Chang, Coming Home, 1995, 05:00 minutes, colour, Japanese
Emelie Chhangur, PASSING FOR WHITE; PASSING FOR BLACK in São Paulo, 2007, 03:04 minutes, colour, English
David Findlay, Gender, Lace and Glass, 1992, 03:00 minutes, colour, English
Ming Yuen S. Ma, Sniff, 1997, 05:00 minutes, colour/B&W, English
Nik Forrest, My Heart the Rock Star, 2001, 02:00 minutes, colour, English

co-presented with the Images Festival


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