Open Call for Anonymous Stories


Submit your anonymous stories and experiences of when you felt the need to hide either your emotional/physical pain in order to avoid pity or shame for being too sensitive.

Regardless of gender, society views showing emotions as a sign of weakness. Women are especially scrutinized for being emotional. And with menstruation stressing our bodies and elevating our emotions even further, it’s no surprise that women choose to hide our experiences of pain, for fear of being judged too emotional and sensitive.

Women’s stories surrounding pain will be chosen to be part of a conceptual art book project, mirrored with images of delicate handkerchiefs and embroidery.

Let us contradict the stereotype of women as pure and fragile by demonstrating the perseverance, dedication, and strength of women.

Submit your stories here

Deadline: June 30, 2021

Mallory Donen – Artist

Instagram: @mallorydonen
Facebook: @MalloryDonen
Twitter: @MalloryDonen

Mallory Donen is a multidisciplinary artist residing in Vancouver, BC, Canada, exploring the intersection of digital art and embroidery, through processes rooted in traditional craft passed down from generations of women in her family. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from University of the Fraser Valley, and a Master of Fine Arts from University of Manitoba. Her practice explores repetitive mechanical processes, and our relationship with technology, by making art as if she were a machine.

Mallory Donen acknowledges the support of the Canada Council for the Arts for this project.