-OME: Object/Material/Experience

1000 Eyed Dreamers Cardinal, Julie Gladstone

-OME: Object/Material/Experience

June 6 – July 6, 2023
Opening Reception: Thursday, June 15, 6 to 8 p.m.
Etobicoke Civic Centre Art Gallery

Object(ive) Collect(ive) presents -OME: Object/Material/Experience. The suffix “-ome” refers to the entirety of a subject being studied. In this exhibition, six artists (Vridhhi Chaudhry, Julie Gladstone, Isaac King, Anam Liaqat, Stephen Severn, Stephanie Singh) examine a range of themes through objects and materials, based on their shared experience as interdisciplinary Masters students at OCAD University. Mediums used include textiles, photography, video, painting, animation, immersive installation, and plant-based materials. The work explores themes ranging from entangled ecology, diaspora narratives and intergenerational healing, queer human-object relations, sensory languages of trauma and healing, and narratives rooted in motherhood, Jewish Mysticism and land.

About Object(ive) Collect(ive)
The Object(ive) Collect(ive) is a group of Toronto-based artists who met at OCAD University’s Interdisciplinary Masters of Fine Art Program. Since graduating in 2022, each artist has maintained a robust individual practice while also working together towards the realization of collaborative and immersive experiences that share the foundation of working with the object as a basis for research. Their practices include photography, textiles, animation, sculpture, printmaking, painting, installation, filmmaking and projection. Their common thread is a curiosity about the ways in which materiality can be used to investigate themes of ecology, diaspora narratives, intergenerational and trauma healing, grief, queer phenomenology, and metaphysical explorations of space and time.

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