New Monuments for New Cities Opening and Monuments Summit

May 11, 1pm
The Bentway

Celebrate the opening of The Bentway’s Spring / Summer public art exhibition, New Monuments for New Cities, presented with the High Line Network on May 11 at 1pm.

The opening event will include a Monuments Summit, which explores the ideas the exhibition raises around issues of representation, civic histories and what it means to create a ‚Äúmonument‚ÄĚ in today‚Äôs political and social climate. The free day-long public event that will include conversations between contributing artists from several participating cities, as well as a DIY poster making workshops, participatory activities, and more. RSVP here.

Participating artists and thinkers include Susan Blight, Coco Guzman, Life of a Craphead (Amy Lam and Jon McCurley), Quentin VerCetty, as well as Dan Bergeron, and American artists Eric J. García (Chicago), Teruko Nimura and Rachel Crist (Austin), Chris Pappan (Chicago), and Paul Ramírez Jonas (New York), plus Philadelphia-based Monument Lab.

The Bentway
250 Fort York Blvd.
Toronto ON M5V 3K9

The Bentway is accessible

Image: An Te Liu, Memoria