Maryse Larivière | Sylvia Matas


Maryse Larivière, Under the Cave of Winds, 16mm film still, 2017.

Under the Cave of Winds
Maryse Larivière

Exhibition Dates: November 1 – December 14, 2019
Opening Reception: November 1, 6 – 8PM
Performance: November 1, 7PM

Maryse Larivière’s Under the Cave of Winds explores the sinuous paths of feminine desire, the wandering fluxes of nature and culture, and the concerted and agential relationship between mind and body. The exhibition is centered around a silent black and white 16mm film that chronicles the tribulations of a fictional female protagonist. She is an artist, scholar, and whistleblower held in captivity on a remote island made up of austere geological formations. Her confinement is for initiating a new trend in research – one where knowledge production transgresses beyond linguistics and graphicism to become pure sound: telepathic singing.

Join us on November 1st at 7pm for a performance by Maryse Larivière, where she will read the entirety of her epistolary novel Orgazing.


Maryse Larivière is an artist, writer and scholar whose work crosses sculpture, performance, collage, text, and film. She holds a PhD in Art and Visual Culture from Western University — her research focused on women’s textual production. Larivière has exhibited widely in Canada, including Optica, Montreal; Untitled Art Society, Calgary; DNA Art Space, London; The Rooms, St. John’s; and Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff. Her writing has been published in periodicals such as Canadian Art and C Magazine, and she has written three books including Orgazing (2017), Hummzinger (2016), and Where Wild Flowers Grow (2015).


Sylvia Matas, Out of Nowhere, video still, 2015.

Behind the Sun
Sylvia Matas

Exhibition Dates: November 1, 2019 – January 4, 2020
Opening Reception: November 1, 6 – 8PM


Sylvia Matas’ work collapses physiological and psychological realms. Her drawings, writing, and videos exist within thresholds — the edges of lakes, forests and roads, when dusk transitions day into night, autumn to winter, when the conscious and unconscious mind briefly collide, when sleepwalking takes over. It is within these in-between regions that Matas’ lone narrator speaks, blurring the space between the mind and the external world. An ominous atmosphere prevails as the narrator – and viewer – wait. Memories are recounted, distorted, questioned. Time passes but has stopped.


Sylvia Matas is an interdisciplinary artist from Winnipeg. She received her MFA from the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, England (2008). Her work has been exhibited at the MacLaren Art Centre (Barrie, ON), The Winnipeg Art Gallery, Plug In ICA (Winnipeg), Truck Contemporary Art (Calgary), Útúrdúr (Reykjavik), the Art Museum at the University of Toronto and Mercer Union (Toronto).


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