Lori Harrison: Disrupted Landscapes

Disrupted Landscapes

October 13, 2022 – November 11, 2022
The Gallery At Mason Studio
91 Pelham Ave. Toronto, ON

Opening preview: Thursday, October 13th, 5-9pm
Artist talk and drop-in: Saturday, October 15th, 2-4pm. The artist talk will start at 3pm.

When was the last time you experienced nature unmediated? A place where there were more trees, lakes and sky than buildings, hydro poles and roads.

Lori Harrison’s new series of paintings explores human-made disruption of our experience of the natural world.

Using the grid as a metaphor for that disruption, She explores the tension created when the natural world intersects with the manufactured world. The grid – a window, a digital screen, the engineered right-angled world – stands in for the medium through which we perceive the natural world.

To resolve the tension, Lori’s paintings invite the viewer to be mindful of the interference, and to seek out an unmediated experience of nature.

About the Artist

Lori Harrison is a mixed media artist with a studio practice in Toronto that explores the idea of beauty in imperfection — specifically entropy – as things move from order to disorder. Her work is interested in how, through human or environmental processes urban manufactured environments decay and evolve, shifting from an ordered, right-angled newness towards disorder and chaos. Finding beauty in chaos is an act of hope.

Lori has exhibited at the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, The Artist Project and curated a group show through Narwhal Art Projects. Her work is collected internationally and includes prominent commissions throughout North America.


The Gallery At Mason Studio
91 Pelham Ave.
Toronto, ON

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