Jordan MacLachlan: The Day My Heart Broke

An installation at The Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery (Final Week)
Confined Group Exhibition, Waterloo ON Feb 1 to May 8 2022.

Curated by Denis Longchamps and Peter Flannery

The Day My Heart Broke. Photo: Peter Flannery.

Jordan Laura MacLachlan artist statement

The Day My Heart Broke, clay, paints, found/stolen and purchased objects on painted masonite base. 2019-2021, 244 x 244 x 112 cm.

In late 2019 I began work on a collection of clay sculptures exploring the relation of the self to all other life forms and how that interconnectedness is an imbedded truth in guiding how to love and live a life. I thought I might call the piece In Love Living.

By early 2021 I changed the title of the work to read The Day My Heart Broke, it being over a year navigating my own pilgrimage of loss during the pandemic lock-down.

My shared lens of experience during this time and continuing is through suffering the disintegration of health-care services for those struggling with acute addiction and mental health diagnoses, and aside from the gone in my own backyard I have been keenly aware of a brutal shift in societal norms and behaviors, a violent global trend disrupting the future for us all.

The Day My Heart Broke (installation details). Photos: Molly MacLachlan.

My original intent for this body of work however has remained, only now combining with a confusion regards the humans in the piece. These figures behave in an adrift, nonsensical manner, away from the safe maternal space created by the animal elements (a herd of musk-oxen) gathered side by side in their instinctive circular formation.

As an artist I am trying to visually convey the incomprehensibility of human existence in relation to nature and even our own constructs while at the same time making evident life’s permeability.

It is difficult to describe this fact, or sense about my internal state in relation to the world and the randomness of calamity, the randomness of joy, and configuring meaning in survival against our own disconnect.

The Day My Heart Broke (installation details). Photos: Molly MacLachlan. (rebuilding website, ready in 1-2 months)
At Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery Feb 1st until May 8th 2022
Gallery is accessible.

I would like to thank the Toronto Arts Council for their generous support in helping me realize this project.