Gwen Tooth: TSUNAMI


“Tsunami No 3” Acrylic 24 in x 24 in

The Red Head Gallery is pleased to present, as part of their Summer Programming, “TSUNAMI” by artist Gwen Tooth. August 14 to 24 2019

Reception: Saturday, August 17 – 1 to 4 pm
Artist Talk: Saturday, August 17 – 12:30 pm

“Tsunami” is an exhibition of textured acrylic paintings exploring the destructive and damaging forces of uncontrollable walls of water. Nature is in charge, not humans.


I am an expressionist painter. I paint to express energy, soul and mood.

“Tsunami” was created in 2012 and was exhibited at Propeller Art Gallery, Toronto, in 2014.

In consideration of the current conditions and viewpoints regarding climate change in our world, it is timely to exhibit these paintings as a vivid and poignant reminder of what irrevocable damage has already been activated and a warning of what may be to come.

For this show, “Tsunami”, I followed along in my exploration of expressing the soul, energy and movement of bodies of water. This series has been a natural progression for me as I move through different experiences and expressions of water.

This exploration into the destructive and damaging force of tsunami walls took me further into the dark side and danger of uncontrollable walls of water. I incorporated bits of gold foil, and many types of textured mediums, such as black lava, resin, sand and glass beads, to express the nature and power of the churning and fast-moving wall of water as it picked up debris, crunched prized possessions, and stirred up the ground beneath it. This was and is the force of total destruction. I look back upon the evolution of my work as the semblance of reality disappears, yet the essence and feeling remain. With the installation of these paintings in close proximity, as I stand in the middle of the room, I am feeling that nature is in charge, not humans.


“Tsunami No 1” Acrylic 36 in x 36 in


Gwen Tooth is an experimental and expressionist painter. She has in recent years completed several series of acrylic paintings revealing the moods and energies of water – whirlpools, waterfalls, and tsunamis. Gwen is a member of Propeller and of Gallery 1313. She is an Associate member of the Society of Canadian Artists. Gwen holds a B.A. from Western University, a BFA (Honours) 2005 from Ontario College of Art and Design University and a Fine Arts Certificate (Honours) from Humber College. For a detailed curriculum vitae, please visit:


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