Emergence | Technicolour

Presented by the Fine Arts Studio program at Centennial College

Emerge from your winter cocoon and cure your pandemic blues by immersing yourself in art! Come check out Emergence and Technicolour, two consecutive exhibitions featuring the work of emerging artists from the Fine Arts Studio program at Centennial College.

Amani Muhammad, The Beginning of Life, 24×24” acrylic, 2022


March 17 – March 20, 2022

Our collective of Fine Arts students from Centennial College presents EMERGENCE, a collection of work inspired by our present day, our movement into tomorrow, and our personal development as emerging artists. We have created a series of paintings and mixed media pieces that express our individual and mutual experiences and communicate moments and situations that break the passivity of the spectator. This collection creates intense personal moments to lure the viewer into our world, and to the varied forms of artistic work among us.

As a collective, we all employ different techniques and concepts to convey our inner selves; some works are characterized by the use of everyday objects, the discovery of life outdoors as spring announces its arrival, renewal as we glimpse emerging from the pandemic, or the deepest abstraction of our thoughts and emotions. We’ve all taken our daily life as subject matter while commenting on the aesthetic of the world around us; visions that reflect sensation, contemplation, and humourous elements. Our work doesn’t reference only recognizable form, but the deconstruction of it so that meaning is shifted, and possible interpretation becomes multifaceted.

Instagram: @Artist.Emerging
Twitter: @Emergence_Story

Jennifer Rose, Awakening, 24×24” mixed media, 2022


March 24 – April 3, 2022

Leslie Grove Gallery is hosting the group show Technicolour, displaying the works of emerging artists from Centennial College’s Fine Arts Studio program.

Varying in style and medium, the graduating class will present pieces of all subject matter ranging from figurative work to landscapes, in acrylics, charcoal, and watercolours. With the artists coming from different backgrounds in terms of education, cultures, and disciplines, expect great diversity in style and execution of the exhibited pieces.

You are welcomed to see the diversity of all colors coming together in this show. You will see the freedom of expression through each piece and how all colors and ideas come together in an inclusive way. Come and see how artists in this show use a variety of execution techniques, approaches, and media to express their interpretation of the different colors reflecting their feel of Technicolour.

All the participating artists will have complete freedom in approaches of subjects and media but are tied to their one colour. The exhibition will be blasted with varieties of vibrant colours with unique designs of personal experiences, interests, thoughts and many more.

Artists’ works have their own colors, as if they have boundaries, but they are interconnected and more beautiful when they are in harmony with each other. The appearance of people, our society, and individuals are more precious and warmer and more beautiful when we become ourselves.

We welcome everybody to come join us March 24th to April 3rd and see the full spectrum of a prism!

Instagram: @TechnicolourFAS

Avery Lawrence, Feeling Blue, 24×24”, acrylic, 2022

Leslie Grove Gallery
in the southwest corner of Leslie Grove Park
1158 Queen St East
Toronto M4M 1L2

Gallery hours
12 – 5 PM Wednesday to Sunday
Tuesday by appointment

The gallery is fully accessible.

Can’t make it to the gallery? The artists’ work will be available to view and purchase online at the Leslie Grove Gallery Store

FAS program coordinator Lisa Binnie