Don Maynard and Skeye Projects present: Floating Archives


Don Maynard’s Skeye at Skeleton Park Arts Festival 2018

Don Maynard / Skeye Projects present Floating Archives

Friday, June 21, 8:30 pm- 10 pm
Doug Fluhrer Park, City of Kingston
Rain Date:
June 23

Don Maynard and Skeye Projects present a unique public art event called Floating Archives – a giant screen held aloft by helium filled weather balloons floating 70 feet above the audience.

Video art by local artists is projected onto the screen and is accompanied by live music from local jazz musicians.

The screen is dynamic, gently billowing in the wind, the images shift along with its movement.

Viewers have the opportunity to stand, sit, lie down, and move through the crowd, changing their perspective and experience of the event.

Floating Archives is in partnership with Queen’s Cultural Studies and Film Studies programs and the Modern Fuel Artist Run Centre.

The project is supported by the City of Kingston and the Canada Council for the Arts.


Accompanying the screen, and tying the various videos together is an original jazz-fusion score composed by Hugh Box and performed by local musicians.

The music is played directly beneath the floating screen.The musicians are surrounded by the audience.

The music pulls out the emotional threads of the video and weaves them together

as hundreds of people lie on the ground looking upwards, enveloped by the sound, as the projections play overhead.

Video artists
Aida Sulcs, Chantal Rousseau, Josh Lyon, Don Maynard, Trevor Henderson

Hugh Box: keyboard, Claire Bouvier: violin, Andy Pesz: drums, Michelle Girouard: vocals, John Torres: guitar.

Contact information: | tel. 613 770 0682

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