DIY Marketing Workshop for Creatives and Healers with Janelle Hardy


“I think that out of all the various workshops and retreats I have attended, that was by far the most value for the cost. Totally, totally, totally worth it.

All of your suggestions were practical, and easy, and low-cist, and motivating most of all… for once I feel like it’s not only possible for me to get a handle on this, but that I might even (shock and awe) have a chance of being successful once I do it.”
~ Marissa Brown, Canada

Getting your work online and marketing it well is no longer optional, it’s imperative.

And, for many creatives, healers, and solopreneurs it doesn’t come naturally. It can be overwhelming. It can stir up shame, fear, frustration, an impulse to hide – all sorts of feelings.

That’s why writer, bodyworker and transformational memoir-writing course creator and teacher, Janelle Hardy, created DIY Marketing Workshop, an affordable and jam-packed course on how to get more visible on the cheap and free side of things.

If you’ve been struggling to figure out all the options for getting yourself online, affordably, this DIY Marketing workshop will be a great help.

If you’ve gotten yourself online but you’re finding it challenging figuring out the best ways to market yourself and your work, this workshop will also be a great help.

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This live, fast-paced, comprehensive overview of all the options for do-it-yourself marketing includes two live classes, 1 follow-up Q&A session, worksheets, case studies and access to a thorough online resource library, so you can explore and expand on what you learn in the workshop.

We’ll go over ALL the basics that you might need to know, want to know, have no idea you needed to know, and more, to be able to:

  • Be found online
  • Show up online
  • Find your ideal customers/clients/students online
  • Teach online
  • Get paid online
  • Be inspired by how others show up online (case studies!)
  • Produce your own media online (podcasting & video)
  • Pitch yourself online (including a media kit)

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Because the internet is brilliant.

Yet, it’s also hard to find the best information when you’re limited by time and/or money and/or knowing which of all the resources out there are actually useful, let alone which are ethical, so you can market without feeling Icky All Over.

This workshop is designed so you can return to the resource library (on Google Drive) afterwards to plan your next steps (for thriving, of course) and start taking your step-by-step actions.

Workshop schedule:

  • Session 1 – Friday November 12th, 10:30am-12:30pm Pacific Time
  • Session 2 – Sunday November 14th, 10:30am-12:30pm Pacific Time
  • Follow-up Q&A session – Sunday November 21st, 10:30am-12:30pm Pacific Time

Recordings and Closed Captioning provided.

The fee is anywhere between $50-$250 CAD. It’s a sliding scale based on financial need.

  • What this means is if you’re not stretched financially, please pay the regular rate (full price) of $250 CAD.
  • If you’re extremely stretched financially, and only just paying the essentials (shelter, food, phone, internet) then pay at the bottom end of the scale ($50 CAD).
  • If you’re somewhere in the middle, pay an amount somewhere in the middle.

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“I must say how impressed I was by your very informative videocall workshop.

Whew!! You did a ton of work putting it together, and tons and tons of hours in getting, using, and evaluating the resources and sites that you offered.

The reinforcement of simplicity and consistency was the biggest takeaway.”
~ Norman Holler, Rolfing Structural Integration Practitioner

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