Denizens: Digital Collages by Leala Hewak

Important Images presents Leala Hewak’s latest public art installation.

Opening: Kay Gardiner Beltline Trail, September 9, 6:30 PM.
For more information: or text/call 416 949-8584.


Toronto artist Leala Hewak’s work centres on unorthodox documentation of the endangered modernist landscape. DENIZENS, a large-scale collage series, re-imagines a group of abandoned mid-century concrete fountains at the Brentwood Towers apartments in Toronto. Once situated in an urban oasis featuring goldfish, peacocks and swans, the fountains embody the tenant-centred “Towers in the Park” ethos. This movement, invented by architect Le Corbusier, insisted renters enjoy amenities now associated with private ownership. With real estate prices sky-rocketing, developers today are loathe to ‘waste’ valuable land on such luxuries.


DENIZENS incorporates Hewak’s 2017-20 documentation of the giant fountains, which were slated to be replaced by townhouses. She photographed these monuments obsessively, pasting their biodegradable images on a nearby wall along the Kay Gardner Beltline Trail, then documented the site as the paper degraded. Upon learning two fountains had been salvaged for reinstallation, she was inspired to use the photographs for a new, optimistic collage series, evoking ethereal time-shifting beings. This work represents a refreshing re-brand of the tenant-focused Modernist ethos.


Leala Hewak is an award-winning Toronto digital artist. Her work has been featured in Scotiabank CONTACT Festival and exhibited internationally. The artist wishes to thank the Canada Council for the Arts for their generous support of this project.

Denizens is an accessible outdoors exhibition, all social distancing guidelines will be strictly followed. Accessible washrooms are located within 20 meters of the exhibition.

Facebook: Leala.Hewak
Instagram: @lealahewak