Cross Process Issue 3: Call for Submissions

Deadline: June 12th, 2019 5:00 pm

Cover of Issue 2

Cross Process is an independent publication that exhibits the work of emerging artists in the GTA outside of the traditional gallery space. Cross Process fosters conversation and collaboration between makers, writers, and thinkers, and contributes to the shift towards approaching the magazine as gallery, the artist as critic, and the contributor as curator.

Cross Process is seeking submissions from artists and writers for our third issue, which is the first to be thematically organized. We are calling specifically for contributors who identify as immigrants, first-generation, or second-generation Canadian. For this issue, we wish to feature artworks about and informed by these dual or multi-faceted identities; we would like to investigate the shifts, slippages, anxieties, difficulties, and, not least of which, the successes of self-identification across (and often, between) cultures. As both a framework for building submissions as well as a starting point for direct responses, we pose the following questions:

  • How do you preserve your culture?
  • Have you felt a need to edit your identity in order to assimilate?
  • How do you engage with a culture that you may have never (or only briefly) experienced firsthand?
  • How do you lay claim to your ancestry? How do you navigate this process?
  • Do you experience your identities in opposition?
  • Is it necessary to perform aspects of your identity? Is performance necessary for preservation?

As with previous issues, Cross Process is focused primarily on the artists and writers beyond the downtown Toronto core. Artists who live downtown but create work which touches upon the above concepts will also be reviewed. We are a collaborative publication; please be advised that upon acceptance of your submission, your artwork is available for review or response by a fellow contributor. We will also accept submissions from duos/collectives who wish to work together.

Phoebe Todd-Parrish

Submission Format for Artists:

  • Up to 5 high-res photographs or scans of your work
  • List of descriptions for each image including: title, date, materials, dimensions, etc.
  • 250 word bio
  • 250 word artist statement
  • CV (max 2 pages)
  • Any supplemental information or writing that pairs with your work; we are also happy to review installation images that you think help contextualize your work.

Submission Format for Writers:

Writers who wish to review/respond to another CP contributor should submit:

  • Two writing samples that demonstrate your writing style and interests, no longer than 4 pages double-spaced. This is the information that will be used to pair you with another contributor, so feel free to include a list of mediums/concepts you are interested in writing about.
  • 250 word bio
  • CV (max 2 pages)

Writers who wish to submit independent pieces:

  • 150-200 word pitch for a writing piece you are currently working on, or would like to have completed for Issue 3. Our editors are happy to work with you to establish a piece that is authentic to your style, and suits Cross Process equally.
  • Or, a completed piece that has not been previously published, max 2000 words. All styles of writing are welcome (poetry, criticism, creative writing, reviews, etc). Please keep in mind CP’s impetus as well as the current theme when considering topics.
  • One writing sample, no longer than 2 pages double-spaced, which demonstrates your style and experience.
  • 250 word bio
  • CV (max 2 pages)

Submission Process:

Please email submissions to with one of the following subject lines:


The submission fee is $10 CAD and can be purchased through our online store. Please reference your order number as proof of payment in your submission email.

All submission documents should be in .pdf or .docx format, please try and keep image files compact, or submit a Google Drive folder.

Cross Process pays all contributors using the CARFAC minimum fee schedule as our baseline.

James Yeboah