Call to Public Art Consultants: Airdrie Multi-Use Facility & Library Project

Rendering by GGA-Architecture of the Airdrie Multi-Use Facility & Library Project (Schematic Design Report) – Aerial view of Nosecreek from Southwest.

Call to Public Art Consultants: Airdrie Multi-Use Facility & Library Project (AMUFL)

The City of Airdrie, is seeking for a public art consultant to establish a public art selection process that meaningfully integrates public art with the building and its adjacent urban and green spaces at the new Airdrie Multi-Use Facility & Library Project.

The Art Consultant engagement is extremely important as will guide the City of Airdrie throughout the entire process of selecting public art.

The below describes the services anticipated to be provided by the Art Consultant in conjunction with the City:

  • Initial meetings with the client – including the design team to review potential areas for artwork(s) and project objectives
  • Lead the development of clear objectives for public art for approval by Airdrie City Council and use by the Art Jury
  • Assist in developing budget breakdowns and timelines
  • Coordinate the formation of the Art Jury and its terms of reference
  • Develop the open call for artists
  • Develop the information required for submission and scoring criteria to shortlist artists
  • Identify the organizations and venues through which the open call will be broadcast
  • Issue the open call and monitor its distribution
  • Respond to questions submitted by interested artists
  • Review for completeness and sort submissions
  • Preparation list of artists to be considered by the Art Jury
  • Sit as a non-voting member of the Art Jury and assist throughout shortlisting process
  • Develop the contest requirements inclusive of necessary information about the project
  • Manage all aspects of the contest (issuance, site visits, submissions, etc.)
  • Assist the City through honorarium payments to invited artists
  • Facilitate the jury process through final selection of artists (review of submissions to determine buildability, recommendations of alignment to objectives, etc.)
  • Assist in developing contracts between the selected artist(s), their agent/gallery, and the client
  • Manage the commission and the production of the selected artwork(s)
  • Assist with coordination for the installation of the artwork(s) on site
  • Assist in developing maintenance procedures and schedules

The anticipated total art budget for this project is $520,000. This budget is intended to cover all expenses related to public art including consulting fees, artists honorariums, reserve fund contributions for ongoing operations and maintenance, and the purchase of the public art and supporting infrastructure.


  1. Questions to the RFQ: 2:00 pm MDT on Friday, February 24, 2023
  2. Revised Submission: 2:00 pm MDT on Thursday, March 2, 2023

The responses to the received questions will be posted via addendum within the campaign, so please check the website for addendums before sending the proposal.

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  • Addendum 001, please click here to see addendum 001 addressing questions that were asked.
  • Addendum 002, please click here to see addendum 002 addressing questions that were asked.

If you have questions, please email Claudia Usuga-Benitez (, Community Facilities Project Coordinator or call 403.948.8800 ext 8713