Call for Submissions: Curatorial Proposals for NAMARA Project Space

Call for Submissions:
Curatorial Proposals for NAMARA Project Space, Toronto

Located in the Dupont Arts Building, NAMARA Projects is a new venue for research, deliberation, and presentation of curatorial work.

NAMARA works around the fluctuating borders of the traditional art world. The explorations conducted in the Project Space inform both independent and commissioned presentations. Through our work, we celebrate thoughtful work by contemporary artists; challenge traditions, experimenting with untested methods; and welcome new collaborators and audiences.

NAMARA operates at the intersection of art and business worlds, wavering into both sides at different times, and always in an effort to see that the following occurs:

  • Art professionals receive fair pay for their work.
  • Art finds audiences by way of generative brand partnerships; and engagement within the traditional art community.
  • Brands enjoy the advantages of working with thoughtful art while maintaining best practices and ethical standards.
  • Our projects include art professionals from under-represented and equity-seeking groups.

There is no curation without art so the product of artistic labour is always the primary focus.

We invite curators to respond to this open call for curatorial proposals. There is no criteria nor deadline but we ask that your proposal is tailored to the space. Digital or online components are also welcome. A maximum of four proposals per year will be accepted.


  • Open to all curators
  • Priority extended to proposals that highlight a local (Toronto) context.


  • Cover Letter (max 1 page)
  • Exhibition Proposal, including budget (max 2 page)
  • CV (max 3 page)
  • Links to relevant portfolios

Please provide all materials in a single PDF with your name and exhibition title in the email subject line.

Successful applicants will receive an exhibition budget that includes provisions for curatorial and artists fees. Funds, to a maximum of CAD$8k will be directly managed by the Curator with distribution and accountability guidelines specified at the time of acceptance. Other than requisite installation time, the curator’s presence is welcome but not required during run-of-show, which will extend between 2-4 months.

103—915 Dupont Street
Toronto ON Canada M6H 1Z1

+10’ ceilings
120V electrical