Call for Proposals: Laneway Mural Project, Huron-Sussex Neighbourhood, Toronto

Google Image Oct 2020, laneway looking south

Call for Submissions – Laneway painting
Community Engagement activity on a laneway in Toronto

The University of Toronto invites Artists or Artist teams to submit proposals in consideration for a mural art installation to be displayed on a laneway in the Huron-Sussex Neighbourhood located in the north-west quadrant of the University of Toronto’s St. George Campus. This project is in collaboration with the Huron-Sussex Resident’s Organization.


As an urban campus, streets and laneways are a significant part of the public realm that weave through the University of Toronto St. George Campus. Many streets and laneways are considered fundamental elements of the public realm network of the campus, that will be transformed over time to provide greater pedestrian, cyclist, ecology, and landscape amenity, and become destinations in themselves.

Public art and public spaces have the capacity to both visibly and symbolically signal a sense of welcome and, physically embodying its values, and celebrating the exchange of ideas, and shared experiences. Well-integrated public art aims to create a place where pedestrians want to gather and socialize.

The proposed art project consists of a laneway mural created onto a City of Toronto owned laneway within the University’s north-west quadrant of the St. George Campus, part of the Huron-Sussex Neighbourhood. The Huron Sussex Neighbourhood Planning Study (“HSNPS”) completed in early 2014, recommended the development of a pedestrian-oriented laneway corridor which would act as a ‘green-spine’ through the neighbourhood. The HSNPS playfully refers to this green spine as the “Living Lane”. At the heart of this plan is the intention to create an attractive pedestrian-oriented green-spine running North-South through the neighbourhood. The Living Lane will provide a direct link from Harbord Street to the Huron-Washington Parkette and will tie together streets, blocks, and landscapes. Future laneway housing is also envisioned to front onto and animate the laneway. This project will act as a pilot project to explore the ideas and meaning of a “Living Lane” in the context of this neighbourhood. Artists are to use this title to provide inspiration for their proposal.

This call for Artists or Artist teams is issued by the University of Toronto (U of T). The Artist(s) are asked to provide a vision for the laneway mural, CV and a selection of images of past work as may be relevant to the project at hand.

Google Image Oct 2020, laneway looking north

Stage 1 Proposal (Deadline September 28, 2022)


  1. A brief high-level description design proposal (Maximum 250 words)
  2. Up to 10 reference images of your past work that demonstrate a ‘style’ and/or colour palette that represents your vision
  3. Your CV
  4. Community engagement strategy to encourage discussion and participation during the site visit and an approach to facilitate community participation during implementation.
  5. Acceptance of timeframe for installation, in accordance with milestones in the schedule provided.

An advisory committee composed of 1-2 professional mural artists, 1 community member, 1 university stakeholder + 1 arts professional will make the selection of artist for this competition. Up to three artists or artist team(s) will be selected to move to Stage 2 of the project.

Stage 2 Site Visit (September 30, 2022 TBC)


  1. Site meeting with advisory committee members, University staff, HSRO representatives and community representatives. The group should use this opportunity to discuss themes, site opportunities/influences, artistic visioning, and process, in order to ensure the work will be implemented on site successfully.

Stage 3 Proposal & Final sketch (October 7- October 10, 2022):


  1. Proposal Sketch (scaled to 11×17, minimum 300dpi, colour)
  2. Final Sketch (scaled to 11×17, minimum 300dpi, colour)

Following this site visit, the Artists and/or Artist teams are required to produce a sketch of the proposal for review by the advisory committee. The jury may provide notes and feedback to the winning design with the request that the artist respond to the notes and feedback with a redesign. Alternately the jury may request redesigns from all three entries and then select the winning entry. Artists will be compensated for re-design. The Artists will reserve moral rights over the design of their work and final approval will proceed with the consent from all parties.

The selected artist will begin the process of implementing the construction of the project under the supervision of a representative of the advisory community for troubleshooting (installation, materials, mounting, project deliverables, etc).

Budget/fees as follows:

  • Stage 2 Site Visit: $500 for each short-listed Artist/Artist team
  • Stage 3: $500 for each short-listed Artist/Artist team
  • Stage 3 final design: $500 for final design
  • Installation & completion of project: $25/sf, to cover 1,260sf

Important Dates:
September 28, 2022: Proposal Deadline at 4pm (Stage 1)
September 29, 2022: Advisory committee review and selection of 3 Artist(s)/Artist team(s) short list
September 30, 2022: Site Visit with community members (TBC) (Stage 2)
October 7, 2022: Proposal Sketch (TBC) for review (Stage 3a)
October 10, 2022: Jury Selection & Artist(s)/Artist team(s) award (Stage 3b)
October 20-23, 2022: Installation dates (TBC)
October 27-30, 2022: Installation dates (TBC)
October 30, 2022: Community Event Unveiling (TBC)

Responses will be accepted until September 28th, 2022 at 4pm. Only successful proponents will be contacted. Please send all proposals to: (electronic submissions are preferred)

University Planning
c/o Kavitha Jayakrishnan
Senior Planner | University Planning | University of Toronto
McMurrich Building, 12 Queen’s Park Crescent West, 4th floor
Toronto, Ontario M5S 1S8

Laneway mural area:
The location of the laneway is off Glen Morris Street between 7 Glen Morris Street and 360 Huron Street.

The laneway-mural artwork area will be approximately: 60’ x 21’ for a total of 1,260sf

The intent is for 100% coverage, unless the Artist proposal provides a compelling justification and visit that proposes less coverage of the area.

Programs and buildings flanking this section of the Living Lane that may help inform the proposal include:

  • A community garden located on the east side of the laneway, is the site of a variety of vegetable garden beds and pollinator gardens using native plant species
  • A childcare learning centre is located on the west of the laneway, that many neighbourhood children attend
  • A new student residence on Harbord Street (construction start Fall 2022), will have publicly accessible programming on the ground floor
  • And a future infrastructure corridor that will run under the laneways, as part of the University’s plan to become carbon neutral by 2050

We look forward to hearing from you,
The University of Toronto