Call for Interviewees: Thoughts and Prayers by Jessica Morgun


“Visualization of a thought for someone while passing by their house in a moving car”
Drawing and linen on vinyl, 2020. Jessica Morgun

Thoughts and Prayers: Call for Interviewees

Deadline: April 30, 2020

The phrase “Thoughts and Prayers” is a problematic one, used so often in recent years in response to social crises, it has lost much of its meaning. For many, it has become synonymous with inaction and apathy. Yet as humans confront the realities of “action” in a Covid 19 world, the phrase “thoughts and prayers” may have new meaning as our social action becomes a necessary inaction, and we are forced to become more introspective and attend toward our inner dialogue.

My project is in need of volunteer artists interested and willing to be interviewed by phone or online on the subject of “thoughts and prayers”. I am seeking 12 artists from a variety of disciplines, backgrounds, and locations across Canada. Spiritual beliefs and practices are not required, nor expected. From these interviews, I will construct a series of drawings and sculptures in response to the content provided by participants.

Interviews will be recorded for transcript purposes only, audio or video of the interviews will not be included in the resultant body of work, though artists will be asked to fill out a media release form so that quotations may be attributed to individuals. All artists will be credited as volunteer participants in the research underlying this project.

If you are interested in participating, please email me at Feel free to visit my website at to familiarize yourself with my work or follow me on instagram @jmorgun.

This project is supported by the Saskatchewan Foundation for the Arts through the Saskatchewan Arts Board.