Border Crossings: Spring 2020



Vol 39 No 1 Issue 153
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Border Crossings presents our new spring issue. Here, we look at artists who are examining the environmental in myriad ways including those who uniquely frame institutional space.

In this issue, Border Crossings interviews New York based artist Gedi Sibony. His work falls between the interstices of painting, assemblage and sculpture. He creates poetic and formalist site specific installations that incorporate found materials including plywood, vinyl, carpeting and cardboard. His works are minimal and meticulous—and arranged in a deliberate and sparing manner where chance can also come into play. Done, they completely inhabit and transform their gallery settings.

The articles cover various areas of exploration: Joseph Wolin looks at Kent Monkman as he reconfigures the MET New York; Stephen Horne examines Kiki Smith’s painted tapestries in “Weaving Me Softly”; Ara Osterweil looks at the female body and disfiguration in the work done by Janet Werner in the last decade; Tracy Valcourt discusses 2019 Sobey Award Winner, Stephanie Comilang’s “sci-fi documentaries”; and Dagmara Genda looks at several environmental artists including Olafur Eliasson and Susan Schuppli in “Playing the Fiddle While the Amazon Burns: Art in a Time of Climate Crisis.”

The Crossovers section includes reviews of Matthew Wong, Mona Hatoum, Sylvia Matas, Suzy Lake, Wayne Thiebaud, Hajra Waheed, Robert Houle, Mark Bradford, AR Penck, the “NSCAD Lithography Workshop: Contemporary Editions,” “First We Take the Museum” an exhibition by Rodney Latourelle and Louise Witthöft, and “About Face: Photographs by Cindy Sherman, Laurie Simmons and Rachel Harrison.”


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Cover: Gedi Sibony, In the Great Flare Up (detail), 2007, carpet and paint, 74 x 100 inches. Courtesy the artist and Greene Naftali, New York. Photo: Martha Fleming