Border Crossings: Language + Art

Vol. 38 No. 1 Issue 149


Vol 38 No 1 Issue 149
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In this Issue Border Crossings looks at language and the artists who make art of and with it.

Border Crossings talks with Italian-born, Berlin-based artist, Rosa Barba. Primarily a filmmaker and a sculptor, Barba is interested in interstices. She regards the components of cinema—the projector, the sound, the lights, the language and text—as protagonists— often fragmenting and dismantling elements in order to create new layers of meaning among them.

Mel Bochner is an iconic American artist. One of the leading figures in the development of Conceptual art in New York in the 1960’s and 70’s, he is known primarily for his text-based paintings. Bochner explores the territory that shifts between language and visual representation. His work continually probes how we experience and perceive and he questions what it is that we are seeing. The work is enigmatic and endlessly engaging.

Sean Landers is an American painter and multimedia artist living and working in New York. Often confessional in nature, Landers’ work utilizes text and language to create fantastical landscapes and self-referential stream-of-consciousness texts. His work happily blurs the boundaries between reality and fiction.

Also in this issue, Stephen Horne discusses the recent text paintings of Andy Patton in Never There Where in which he engages the writing of 8th century Chinese Tang poets. Border Crossings also presents an intriguing portfolio by Ken Lum entitled the, “Necrology Series”—the text presents reading, as he says, “as real rather than fact.”

The Crossover section includes reviews on “The Silver Cord,” Tammi Campbell, Gordon Parks, Walter Scott, Mika Rottenberg, Anna Boghiguian, Lee Ufan, Steven Leyden Cochrane, Ross Bleckner and Zachari Logan, “Days of Reading” and + much more…

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