Biofeedback Collective: Pending Install


Biofeedback Collective: Pending Install
Virtual Exhibition

December 15, 2020 – March 15, 2021

“Biofeedback’s inaugural virtual exhibition Pending Install is using technology to create a platform for artist’s work that challenges ideas solidified in the constructs of the gallery space and its experiences, pushing forward a narrative that technology can illicit inclusion and accessibility. Biofeedback is an interdisciplinary group of Saskatchewan artists composed of members Kelsey Ford, Lauren Warrington, and Emily Zdunich. Their exhibition Pending Install challenges the dogmatic principles of the gallery with a further accessible reality, using technology and alternative viewing experiences to foster an environment where any barriers to entry are optimistically forward-thinking rather than exclusive.”
– Excerpt from catalogue essay by Kyle Zurevinski

View the online Exhibition here:

Participating Artists
Lauren Warrington | Kelsey Ford | Emily Zdunich | Aralia Maxwell | Brody Burns | Devon Plett | Negar Tajgardan | Al & Marriane | Laken Carleton | Zachary Knutilla

Biofeedback is an interdisciplinary group of Saskatchewan artists engaged in expanding the mind-body relationship. Biofeedback questions what it means to live authentically, examining how the collective conscious influences individual identity and the implicit self. Placing emphasis on concept, Biofeedback develops work in response to their immediate environment, questioning their surroundings and the reality in which they reside.

Collective members: Kelsey Ford, Lauren Warrington, Emily Zdunich

Pending Install was made possible by funding from SK Arts!