At Intervals – Akin Artists-in-Residence Program Exhibition


2019 / 2020 AKIN Artists-in-Residence Program at the Auto-BLDG presents:

At Intervals: An exhibition drawing attention to time as an unpredictable and sometimes imperceivable material.

Zach Atticus, Franziska Barczyk, Erin Candela, Felicia Cirstea, Dorota Dziong, Christopher Gardiner, Tonya Hart, Dalia Hassan, Mary Kainer, James A. Laforet, (Jessie) Jihyun Lee, Neil Maguire, Linds Miyo, Hamid Mohammadi, Jill Price, Erin Williamson

October 14 – November 8, 2020

Beginning in October of 2019, Akin launched its second year of hosting artists-in-residence at 158 Sterling Road. Working across a wide range of disciplines and at their own pace, the material realities of COVID 19 worked to draw attention to time as an unpredictable material that brings about change or taunts us with the unknown. Dedicated to sharing and growing their practice, the work on display represents some of the artists who chose to retain their studios with AKIN by working in intervals and following physical distancing protocols to thwart the risks of co-working spaces and shared public facilities.


Artwork (left to right): Zach Atticus, Dalia Hassan, Neil Maguire, Chris Gardiner, Jill Price

Beyond time being an inescapable element that became heightened socially and psychologically since late 2019, many of the artists presenting explore time as both a subject and a material. Some artists examine the different increments of time lost or overlooked in our everyday lives while others draw attention to how absences and empty spaces trigger nostalgia for days or years past. Many artists on exhibit also work to draw attention to how time is the key structure or material when utilizing storying or the narrative as a device and some of the conceptual pieces allude to how time collapses, folds, expands and bends if we consider the multiple geographies or histories located at any one given site. Some of the more intimate explorations of the phases of life pictorialize the ups and downs of our day to day existence and how those experiences become documented or archived in the body and atop our faces. Those working with new media also serve to point to how industrial capitalism and its global technologies have intensified our exposure to trauma due to our twenty-four-hour-a-day access to the online world.

Only touching the surface on how time is both an elusive and powerful material to examine both conceptually and physically, At Intervals is an exhibit that also reflects the moments of slowing, acceleration, procrastination, progress and productivity that are inherently found within the lives of practicing artists. More specific to this stretch of isolation and physical distancing, the art in this exhibition serve as symbols of human resilience and the ability to persist regardless of the endless delays, lapses, postponements, cancellations, rescheduling and personal losses of family and friends not originally scheduled as part of this residency. No longer placed on hold, however temporary this reprieve may be, we hope that all of you who visit and engage with the work will appreciate those small intervals of time that allow us to revisit places and spaces of the past while embracing the new measures instituted to help keep everyone safe in the present and future.


Akin studios at 158 Sterling in the Auto BLDG

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