Art Gallery of Guelph Summer 2022 Exhibitions

The Art Gallery of Guelph (AGG) is pleased to present our upcoming season spotlighting two major exhibitions that amplify Inuit experiences and expression. Curated by Taqralik Partridge, ᖃᐅᑕᒫᑦ | Qautamaat features the work of over 80 Inuit artists and makers, while ᑲᔪHᐃᐅᑎHᐃᒪᔭᑦᑲ | Kajuhiutihimajatka brings together the work of Gayle Uyagaqi Kabloona with that of her grandmother, Victoria Mamnguqsualuk, and great-grandmother, Jessie Oonark. On view this summer as well are solo exhibitions featuring artists Meg Ross and Rihab Essayh, presented in conjunction with the MFA program of the School of Fine Art and Music at the University of Guelph.

Join us Thursday, May 5, at 6:30 pm, for the public launch of our summer season featuring throat singing by artist, seamstress, and filmmaker Evie Mark as well as award-winning singer-songwriter Beatrice Deer, both of Nunavik. All welcome; free admission.

ᖃᐅᑕᒫᑦ | Qautamaat
May 5 – November 6, 2022

Meaning both “everyday” and “every day,” Qautamaat speaks to Inuit first, through ideas, images, and objects evoking aspects of daily life and relationships that are distinctly Inuk. Bringing together work from the Art Gallery of Guelph’s collection with that of contemporary Inuit artists and makers, the exhibition points to how the patterns of the “Inuit everyday” are inscribed and reinscribed over days and years, seasons and generations, always evolving and learning from what came before. A high value is placed on conveying these rhythms – in any medium. The transposition of Inuit experience into expression is assumed and expected, in forms from beadwork and clothing to Inuit transportation technologies such as the qamutik and qajaq, to prints and drawings, textiles and sculpture. Capturing acutely intimate Inuk sensibilities, such practices represent the most powerful forms of Inuit expression in the public sphere today. read more >

Curated by Taqralik Partridge, Qautamaat is organized and presented by the Art Gallery of Guelph with the support of Canadian Heritage through the Museums Assistance Program.

ᑲᔪHᐃᐅᑎHᐃᒪᔭᑦᑲ | Kajuhiutihimajatka
What I’m Carrying On
April 19 – August 28, 2022

Kajuhiutihimajatka: What I’m Carrying On brings the work of artist Gayle Uyagaqi Kabloona in dialogue with that of artists Victoria Mamnguqsualuk and Jessie Oonark. Beginning a creative residency with the gallery’s collection in 2021, Kabloona encountered a number of prints, drawings, and textiles created by Mamnguqsualuk, her grandmother, and Oonark, her great-grandmother, that she had not seen before. While the multidisciplinary artist’s practice often speaks directly to the Inuit stories and symbols she inherited, this exhibition highlights her first engagement with this family legacy. At the same time, Kajuhiutihimajatka brings into sharp relief the historical relationship of museums and Inuit communities, particularly the distance they have imposed between artworks and makers, as well as their families and descendants. read more >

Curated by Taqralik Partridge and Shauna McCabe, Kajuhiutihimajatka: What I’m Carrying On is presented by the Art Gallery of Guelph with the support of Canadian Heritage through the Museums Assistance Program.

Meg Ross: Nearest Neighbour
April 19 – June 19, 2022

For Meg Ross, inseparable from the language of photography is a vernacular of chance. While deliberate choices may be made – in subject, composition, exposure, and shutter speed – every image represents a liminal space encompassing what can and cannot be controlled. Scouring photographs for errors and artifacts of imperfection, Ross enlarges these details, producing photographs depicting gradations of colour that represent light leaks and scratched emulsion stained or aged to various degrees of “unfixed-ness.” Nearest Neighbour – the exhibition title – alludes to the algorithm Ross uses in Photoshop to resample and enlarge the prints. read more >

Rihab Essayh: أحلم بواحة ناعمة | I dream of a soft oasis
June 29 – August 28, 2022

More interested in building worlds than installations, Rihab Essayh’s immersive environments aim to create the conditions for “soft futurism” by imagining a hopeful new paradigm that is decentring, inclusive, and radically soft. Evoking an oasis topography surrounded by a sunset of silk organza, the Moroccan-born artist is collaborative in impulse, honouring her SWANA (Southwest Asian and North African) support system in the making of her work – from her subtle texts and drawings to the projection and sound that vibrate in the constructed space. read more >

The solo exhibitions of the work of Meg Ross and Rihab Essayh are presented in conjunction with the MFA program of the School of Fine Art and Music at the University of Guelph.

Image: Padloo Samayualie, Shipping Containers (detail), 2019, graphite, coloured pencil and ink, 38.1 x 58.4 cm; Gayle Uyagaqi Kabloona, Tiriganiaq (detail), 2022, wool, felt, cotton embroidery thread, 116.8 x 95.9 cm. Photo credit: Shelby Lisk; Meg Ross, Background Pattern: Description automatically generated with low confidence (detail), 2022, Epson semimatte photo paper mounted on 3 mm Alupanel, 2022, 88.9 × 111 cm

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