A message from Akimbo regarding COVID-19 – Closures & Resources


Dear Akimbo Community,

Due to the current unfolding events surrounding COVID-19, we are aware of how many art spaces have closed their doors in order to practice social distancing, and how our community’s events have been cancelled or postponed to mitigate harm and spread of the virus.

As the situation evolves, we have created a resource called Gallery Closures & Resources List. The List is available on our website and is a space for you to stay informed on what events have been postponed to later dates and which galleries and spaces have been closed until further notice. The List will also be providing online resources and events that art spaces have made available in order to allow for communal care and connection through this social distancing. This resource will be updated daily with the latest communication from galleries, festivals and artist run spaces around Canada. If you have any online content you’d like to add please email us at info@akimbo.ca.

As we all do our parts in supporting each other through this time, Akimbo will do our best to ensure you get the most accurate information possible about closures, resources and events in our community as they occur and shift in the upcoming days. We hope that you practice safe measures as we navigate these situations through communal kindness and care.

The Akimbo Team – Yasmeen Nematt Alla, Kim Dobson, Terence Dick & Kim Fullerton