2019 Summer Workshops & Public Events

LaHave Weaving Studio in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
2019 Summer Workshops & Public Events

LaHave Weaving Studio is housed in a renovated Lunenburg Foundry building overlooking Lunenburg Harbour, Nova Scotia. Lesley Armstrong, weaver and former part-time NSCAD faculty, is pleased to offer weaving, textile, and design workshops as well as free public lectures and events. One of the highlights this summer is that Lesley’s former teacher, a Visiting Distinguished Professor at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Warren Seelig, will be teaching a 5-day workshop, “Thinking Textiles/Constructed Surfaces” at the studio.

Thinking Textile/ Constructed Surface with Warren Seelig (5 days)
Monday-Friday, July 22-26, 2019
Textile is a unique phenomenon in the world of contemporary art and material studies where surface is inherently a three dimensional, sculptural plane. This highly experimental course will consider the possibility of constructing surfaces through either known or invented processes using materials chosen by the student of every conceivable kind. Each participant will at first develop unique “material sketches” through processes of accretion and repetition which may include wrapping, binding, connecting, attaching, twisting, knotting, piercing, layering and more. Students will be challenged to construct and build, bit by bit and cell by cell, a visual field which is physical, tangible and sensational. All levels welcome.

During the summer of 2019 topics include a variety of weaving workshops with Lesley Armstrong, such as Intro/Refresher Weaving and Nature as Inspiration for Woven Design, Designing Geometrics with Nancy Price, Constructed Surfaces with Warren Seelig, learning how make netting and also how to make a “ditty bag” with Brooke Gray, and the 4-day Textile Discoveries tour where we’ll make a willow basket with Heather Sanft, visit a rural museum, create our own story in cloth with Kate Delmage, and spend the day getting dirty with multi-media artist Doug Guildford.

Owner Lesley Armstrong (B.F.A. NSCAD, Special Studies Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science, & M.A. Art Education Philadelphia College of Art) also operates a weaving business Armstrong Textiles and has taught for over three decades in the Textiles/Fashion area of NSCAD U.

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