Quinn Smallboy, Artist – London

Quinn Smallboy is a visual artist born in Moose Factory, Ontario, and a member of Moose Cree First Nation. He completed his MFA at Western University and in 2004 received a diploma in multimedia and production design from Fanshawe College. Currently his artistic practice investigates what it means to be a “contemporary Indigenous artist” – specifically, he questions how customary symbols and icons of Indigenous culture translate into painting, sculpture, and installation. His work resides in several public and private art collections, and his exhibition experience includes public and private art galleries, and museums including McIntosh Gallery, Woodland Cultural Centre, and DNA Art Gallery. Smallboy’s work is currently on display in the Art Gallery of Windsor’s group exhibition The Living River Project: Art, Water and Possible Worlds, which explores the impact of water issues in the Windsor-Detroit corridor.

1. Architecture design mock-ups

I have always enjoyed researching architecture design mocks-ups. I would look at architecture and often wondered what the wire frame of a building looks like. In the mock-ups with their simple outlines, you definitely see that.

2. Photography

I have always had an interest in photography and use photography as way of capturing ideas. I keep a sketch book of photographed ideas and review images to look for insight. Or sometimes a composition in Photoshop may happen.

3. Game concept art

Destiny 2 concept

I am fascinated by the imagination behind concept art – especially game maps. The designers are truly thinking outside of the box when imaging these worlds of mystery. It makes you wonder what state of thinking they are in when designing these maps.

4. Innovative design

The people at Yanko Design are truly pushing the envelope of innovation. The ideas behind their work are mind boggling.

5. Woodworking

This hobby of mine comes from making my frames for my Drum works. I started gaining a deeper interest in woodworking. One area of interest is the blend of wood and metal. The structural support of metal and the softness of wood seems to blend well. From tables and chairs to benches and coffee tables, the possibilities are endless.