Preston Pavlis, Artist – Halifax

Preston Pavlis currently lives in Halifax where he is completing his studies at NSCAD University. He has presented his work in exhibitions at Bradley Ertaskiran (Montreal), Half Gallery (New York), Guts Gallery (London), and Spurs Gallery (Beijing). His work was also included in recent art fair presentations, notably Frieze New York and NADA Miami. He was the recipient of the 2021 Eldon + Anne Foote Edmonton Visual Arts Prize and is included in the group exhibition Transmissions, currently on display at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

  1. New records

Although I haven’t really been collecting records much lately, I managed to get my hands on this new pressing of Meshell Ndegeocello’s Bitter. Missed the pre-order, but snagged a copy near the original price.

  1. Walks to and from the studio

I’ve had a studio at NSCAD University over the summer, and the walks there and back have been my favorite part.

  1. Street cats

Don’t see many in the winter, so it’s a summer obsession. Who doesn’t love stumbling across a random cat on the street?

  1. Seam ripping

I quilt as part of my practice, so seam ripping is a frequent activity. Great way to pass the time when your internet goes out for five days!

  1. Circles of friends

Apparently these cute little candle holders originated in Mexico. They cast shadows of embracing figures on the walls, and when you give somebody one, your friendship will never be broken. Search around your local thrift store; once you notice one, you’ll notice many more.