Patrick Li, Artist – Toronto

Having lived in Hong Kong, Belfast, Coventry, New York, and Toronto, Patrick Li now specializes in Architecture, Art and Design. Taking inspiration from daily life, his mission is to transform the everyday mundane into exceptionally unique pieces by using his hands. In 2019, he completed his first public art sculpture for the City of Peterborough. Called Your story, the sculpture is installed on the City’s Library Commons and designed to evoke a book cover twisting in the wind. Standing twenty feet tall, a series of wooden undulating fin-like columns makes the sculpture feel alive. For Li, it is important that each person who walks inside has a chance to experience this fluidity and discover their own journey.

Currently, Patrick Li’s solo exhibition Fortune Room is on display at Cambridge Art Galleries | Idea Exchange, Preston in Cambridge, ON until November 28. Li gives old fortune slips new life by creating a room where he invites viewers to revisit these words.

  1. Simplicity

There is something truly beautiful in natural shapes. There is a simplicity that is pure, that is innocent. As a sculptor, I appreciate organic forms as I feel they harbour much potential.

  1. Escape

Natural green spaces act as a reset for my creative mind. When I am with nature, I can set my mind free, which rejuvenates me.

  1. Balance

This photograph by Fan Ho is inspiring because it captures a moment in time where the shadow becomes the most prominent object – nature is the author in this sense. Yet, the way the light is captured shows a beautiful balance of light against dark that represents the delicate balance between humankind and nature.

  1. Human creations

This structure by Calatrava creates a true harmony between light and darkness, and is truly inspirational. The repetitiveness inherent in us as humans can be turned into something beautiful.

  1. If you build it, they will come

I believe it is so important to trust your instincts, especially when it comes to creating things. Belief in oneself is the foundation to make something great.