Nadia Sajjad, Artist – Vancouver

Nadia Sajjad is a multidisciplinary artist who was born in Iran and lives in Canada. She graduated with a bachelor of fine arts from Emily Carr University of Art and Design and majored in carpet designing in Iran. Her interest in nature and public art is reflected in her approach towards making and recreating. She is always learning new techniques such as printmaking, embroidery, welding, enameling, or carving, and does not limit her art to any specific medium. She participated as a textile artist in the Weaving Cultural Identities project at the 2018-2020 Vancouver Biennial. That exhibition is now on display at Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art until August 1.

  1. Driftwood

Walking on the beach and collecting driftwood is my biggest hobby these days. Knowing that nature can carry its own story, I have been making different creatures with driftwood. Every one has a story and every story is worth sharing.

  1. Leaf skeletons

Living close to wonderful nature, it is almost impossible for me to miss leaf skeletons. They are usually covered with mud and dirt, but the texture and quality of leaf skeletons layered underneath the trees look to me like a perfect medium for exploring ideas.

  1. Printmaking

I am not a professional printmaker, but etching and drawing on copper is more satisfying than making the actual prints.

  1. Carpet design and its detail

I can look at a carpet and get lost in its complexity and simplicity at the same time. A carpet is an unimaginable world to imagine.

  1. Textile and fabric

I find fabrics a poetic medium. Stitching and working with fabric feels like putting together stories as well as stitching memories and connecting to myself.